AT&T currently offers several ways for customers to purchase smartphones, among other devices. Today, the carrier, is upgrading the way customers can purchase phones from them. This can be considered a downsized upgrade, as they are moving from four options to two. These changes, Next and Next Every Year, will be coming into effect on June 9th.

The main difference between these two options, is when you can upgrade to a new device. With AT&T Next you can get a new device every two years, but Next Every Year gives you a new device every year. While these are easier names than Next 30, Next 24, or Next 12, they knock out some payment options.

AT&T Next will give you 30 months to pay off the device, but you can upgrade after 24 months or when 80% of the device has been paid off. Next Every Year gives you 24 months to pay off the device, but you can upgrade after 12 months or when you pay off 50% of the device. In order to lower the monthly payment AT&T allows you to put a larger down payment upfront or by trading in a device.

AT&T’s Next and Next Every Year will come into effect on June 9th 2016.


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