Researchers at Rich university have developed a very interesting compound.  It acts just like our bones or muscles do when we use them, it gets stronger.  By stressing our muscles and bones, our body builds them up to be able to undergo the stress easier.  This Process is very smiler to what is going on in this compound.  Made out of polymer based nano composites and carbon nano tubes, this material stiffens/strengthens after stress is applied.  as test was done on this compound and after 3.5 million compressions over a period of two weeks, the strength of the material increased by twelve percent.  This material could be revolutionary in making prosthetic body parts because it acts in the same way as a real one. I belie that in thee near future this material will be used in all kinds of medical aspects.  Well if it behaves the way they say it does, it should have more and more uses as time goes on.


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