Congrats To Katie R. The Winner Of The NJTechReviews Brita Bottle Giveaway! Thank You To Everyone Who Entered And Be Sure To Check Out NJTechReviews For More Reviews And Giveaways!

Congrats To Katie R. The Winner Of The NJTechReviews Brita Bottle Giveaway! Thank You To Everyone Who Entered And Be Sure To Check Out NJTechReviews For More Reviews And Giveaways!

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Our friends over at Brita have sent us a “Brita Bottle (Blue)”, that were going to giveaway to one of NJTechReview’s Readers! All you have to do is follow the rules below! We also recently reviewed the “Brita Bottle”. You can see that review here: NJTechReviews Brita Bottle Review . That will let you know what is special about the “Brita Bottle”. It will help you be more green, because instead of buying water bottles every week, you can take water from the tap and fill that water into your “Brita Bottle”. The Brita Bottle has a filter inside that filters the water, making it just as good if not better than bottled water. Keep in mind the filter does have to be replaced. Find out more in the NJTechReviews Brita Bottle Review . How to enter and the full rules, can be find below. Good Luck To All!


Contest Rules:

  • Leave a comment below, stating why you should win.
  • Make sure to provide us with your name and email
  • “Like” us on Facebook( and “Follow” us on Twitter(
  • “One” person will win the “Brita Bottle(Color:Blue)”.
  • The Giveaway Runs From July 31 @11:50PM EST to August 2 @9:00PM EST.
  • “Brita” has provided NJTechReviews LLC “one Brita Bottle” for giveaway on .

Good Luck!



  1. hi jake. my name is katie. i should win because i drink tons of water everyday(like 2-4 liters) and because i’m awesome.

  2. I should win because our tap water here is undrinkable and makes me ill. I love Brita and having a portable bottle would be the best.

  3. I would love to win because I drink water all throughout each day and I am in need of filtered water a lot! I have a bladder condition and purifed/filteredwater is apart of my comfort. Thank you!

  4. Am tring to loose weight and drinking water is a important part of that. Water unless it’s from a filter or a bottle isn’t that good. With this I would be able to drink less from a bottle and have good water anywere.

  5. Hello, I liked you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter (Bellarose67). I should win because I love Brita and I also drink half my body weight in ozs everyday and need a new bottle. 🙂

  6. I would love to win this for my son! He has so many sports games and I’m tired of buying the water bottles. It looks easy enough for him to use too. Thanks for considering me! Genean Braun, [email protected]

  7. I started using the Brita Pitcher about a year ago and I love it! We have had a lot of flooding in our area and the water hasn’t been so good. I filter it through the pitcher and you would never even know the difference. I would recommend Brita to anyone who wants better tasting, healthier water. This Brita Bottle would come in very handy to use for work as well as working out.

  8. I should win because I use Brita filters at home but I’m on the go so much & the water at work doesn’t taste the same & isn’t as good since its not filtered with Brita! This would be great for working out & trips!

  9. Love my Brita faucet mount and would love to carry the bottle with me as not alone would it be great tasting water, but helping to reduce plastic is a huge part also.

  10. I follow on facebook. I think I should win because,last month, I gave up diet soda, and even lost 4 lbs and I think it had alot to do with it. I have increased my water intake to replace the diet soda.AND I AM NOT GOING BACK TO DIET SODA. Giving up diet soda,was a big step for me. A goal I never thought I could achieve. And in order to do my part and to give “back to the planet”,having one of these Brita bottles would be great !

  11. I deserve to win because, I Love Brita and live where there is of poor quality. And we filter the water from our tap,to drink,cook with.

  12. I’m going away to school in a few weeks, and the water tastes gross. I don’t have enough space for a Brita water pitcher, and I don’t want to be wasteful by buying cases of water bottles. I want to be able to reuse my water bottle, and a Brita water bottle is the perfect solution!

  13. I should win the Brita Bottle because I use put Brita pitcher everyday and nowbthat I am pregnant it would be a great way to have the filtered water I love the most with me all the time. US pregos have to stay hydrated!

  14. I should win because I am DYING to have a brita water filter bottle. I live in Canada and they sadly are not available here 🙁 I am a big supporter of Brita and being environmentaly friendly. Everyone I know that still routinely buys plastic water bottles, always gets a mouthfull from me as to why they should just buy a water filter and refillable bottle! If I had the Brita bottle I could show them how easy it is!!!!!

  15. I would like to win one because I work at a nuclear site and although the water is certified ok to drink – it still doesn’t taste right so having this water bottle would make it easier to drink for water.

  16. I would like to win because I usually have a bottle of water with me at all times, unfortunately, it’s usually a plastic bottle… I also nurse my daughter and drink a ton of water.

  17. I would like to win because I am a big fan of Brita water pitchers and I like to try items before I would buy them. I also drink about 12 glasses of water a day. When I am at work I am not able to have filtered water and I really enjoy the taste of filtered water and I think it is healthier than tap water. Thank you for considering me, Tabatha Ceglarek [email protected]

  18. I would love to have one of these. I teach all day long and don’t like the water at our school. This would be a great way to drink more water everyday.

  19. What an amazing idea this is! I should like to win cuz I use Brita water pitcher and fill my bottles and this would save me time and energy, as well as the occasional (gasp) plastic bottle I buy when I’m out some where. Thanks a bunch! Liked you on Facebook and following you on twitter! Deb @ [email protected]

  20. I should win the Brita bottle so I can add it to my collection of Brita bottles that I use everyday. As a mail carrier, I know the importance of staying hydrated (and not just when it’s hot outside). The Brita bottles are great – not just environmentally – but also economically. I save a ton of $$ using the refillable bottles and they don’t fill up the landfills!
    Kathie Williams
    [email protected]

  21. I think should win because i live in florida and lately the heat index has been above 100 or more. And the water I have is not the greatest .. been wanting to get the bottle so I could drink more water to help me lose weight.. and same money.. thanks. Elvino cardenas. [email protected]

  22. I have a Brita water pitcher which I love. I know my family’s drinking water us safe
    because it comes from the Brita pitcher. Now, if I win this bottle I would be able to go back to work as a teacher with healthy drinking water. The water at our school has a strange taste!!! Thanks!!!

  23. I use a Brita regular filter and have just started working out to become more physically fit. I would love to have a bottle I could refill at the gym and get the same water I drink at home. You guys rock!

    [email protected]

  24. I should win the Brita bottle because I love recycling, and this is a great way to do so. I do not currently have any Brita products because I simply don’t have the extra money to spend on a filter system. I always worry about the water I drink because my house is older and the water doesn’t have a pleasant taste. This would be great way to make sure my water is healthy!
    Nicole Metzler
    [email protected]

  25. I should win the Britta Bottle because I would love to be able to have the same great tasting water where ever I go. I am constantly on the run and end up buying bottled water as I feel myself getting thirsty, which we all know is past the start of dehydration. My name is Heather ([email protected])

  26. My tap water is full of lead and other nasty stuff. I really would love to have this so I can full it up for my sons to drink pure H2O.

  27. I would love to win the Brita bottle for many reasons, but the main one is because I live in a rural area and even though I am on a water system, the pump is having to be replaced and will take a while to be done. In the meantime, the water is not tasting as good. It has been so hot this summer and mowing the yard has been especially hot so I would love to have the Brita bottle to carry with me on the mower so I can stay hydrated and not have to get off so many times to cool off. Other than that, I would just love to win it because I love Brita.

  28. I think I should win because I don’t have a “To-Go” bottle yet! I have three Brita pitchers and I REFUSE to pay money for bottled water!! My daughter is going to be in 6th grade this year. She has taken ice (made from Brita water) and water to school for two year in one of your “Green for Life” green bottles!!!!. Both of us love the filtered water that comes out of the Brita pticher!! So, I would love to have a Brita “To-Go” bottle because I won’t run out of filtered water away from home!!

  29. The water at my house smells like sulfer. Yuck! I recently joined a gym and need a reusable water bottle, that filters, to take with me. The gym is down the street so their water is the same as mine. I have definitely been getting a little dehydrated due to avoiding the water and not wanting to use disposable bottles. I really hope I win!
    swagfile at gmail dot com

  30. I really would love to win this Brita Bottle. I live in Canada and cannot buy them here yet. My daughter is allergic to chlorine and to drink tap water makes her ill. Buying bottled water is not environmentally friendly and using the Brita filtration system has been her lifesaver. Having the Brita Bottle will be such a convenience for her as she goes back and forth to school and travels this fall. I really need to win this for her. [email protected]

  31. I believe I should win the free brita bottle because im always on the go. Im always drinking from water fountains and I found some pretty nasty ones. Also my daughter is with me and I really don’t like her drinking from them so this new brita water bottle will fit my lifestyle perfectly.

  32. [email protected] would love to win a Brita bottle. I work with students at 9 different schools and in 101 degree heat I am constantly trying to rehydrate as I dash between schools. Also lead an outdoor sustainable garden project and work with 4H –one of our goals is to convince kids and their parents to stop buying plastic water bottles so this would be a great way to model the use of reusable water bottles to our K-12 students! Anne

  33. I think that I should win the Britta Bottle because drinking fountain water is nasty.. And I need a good bottle for the Dave Matthews Band show at the Gorge this year!

  34. I believe I should win the Brita Bottle because I’m a recently single pregnant woman who has moved into an old apartment building. The pipes are horrible and the water that comes out of the pipes are not fit to drink. I pulled my brita pitcher out of storage but it was cracked and I now have to get water elsewere. This would save me frustration, time and Money. Thank you! – Victoria Hilt, [email protected]

  35. ‎NJTechReviews Brita Bottle Giveaway Is Done! The Winner Will Be Contacted By The NJTechReviews Promotions Team. Thank You To All Who Entered And Good Luck To All!

  36. Please send me one even if I should pay. By the way I need 2 or 3. I’m living in the french indies and Brita does not deliver here. So that I won’t by any more plastic bottles in a place where nothing’s done to recycle !!! Thanks

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