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We just did the full review of NicktoonsMLB for the Xbox 360 (You Can See NJTechReview’s Full Review Of NicktoonsMLB For The Xbox 360, By Clicking Here.) Nickelodeon was nice enough to give us 3 Copies of NicktoonsMLB to giveaway to the NJTechReviews Readers! That is right, 3 people will win a copy of NicktoonsMLB for the Xbox 360! It is one of the Best Baseball Games on the market and will provide loads of fun for everyone in the family! To enter, just tell us who your favorite Nicktoons Character is and why, by leaving a comment below. Also, be sure to like and follow NJTechReviews on Twitter  ( and Facebook (! Good luck to everyone! The giveaway will run from September 27th at 5:00PMEST till October 3rd at 6PM EST! You can see the full Giveaway Rules below. Be Sure To Check Out Our Review Of NicktoonsMLB For The Xbox 360, By Clicking Here. Good Luck!

Giveaway Rules:

  • Leave a comment below, stating who your favorite Nicktoons Character and Why.
  • Make sure to provide us with your name and email
  • “Like” us on Facebook( and “Follow” us on Twitter(
  • “3(three)” people will win “1(one)” copy of NicktoonsMLB for the Xbox 360
  • The Giveaway Runs From September 27th @5:00PM EST to October 3rd @6:00PM EST.
  • “Nickelodeon” has provided NJTechReviews LLC “3(three) Copies Of NicktoonsMLB for the Xbox 360” for giveaway on .

Good Luck!

  • Nick

    I like Squid-ward, funniest character by far. His Sarcasm is hilarious

  • I love Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants the most because his unintelligence makes him an all around funny and great character. He’s like captain obvious in many of the episodes which makes it funny and makes the show one leap better to man kind.

  • Jason

    Tough decision, but I have to pick Stimpy (Ren and Stimpy). It’s hysterically funny to watch how his happy-go-lucky and oblivious personality annoys Ren.

  • JmanJordan

    If I had to pick anyone it would be Dudley from Tuff.

  • Christina tenore

    spongebob squarepants

  • Anonymous

    The NJTechReviews NicktoonsMLB Giveaway(Xbox 360) Is Now Over. Thank You To Everyone Who Entered And Good Luck!