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Ken Block Hat Giveaway! - NJTechReviews

The NJTechReviews Ken Block Hat Giveaway Is Now Done. Thank You To Everyone Who Entered! More Info Will Be Coming Soon.

Our friends over at Ford Racing has given us some Ken Block gear to giveaway on NJTechReviews! This time we will be giving away 2 Ken Block Hats! That means that 2(two) people will each get 1(one) Ken Block Hat! You can see the photo of the hat above. To enter leave a comment below stating why you deserve to win one of these awesome Ken Block Hats! We would like to thank Ford Racing for providing us with the giveaway items. Good Luck To All!

Giveaway Rules:

  • Leave a comment below, stating why you deserve to win this awesome Ken Block Hat!
  • Make sure to provide us with your name and email
  • “Like” us on Facebook( and “Follow” us on Twitter(
  • 2(two) people will win 1(one) Ken Block Hat.
  • The Giveaway Runs From October 19th @5:00PM EST to October 24th @5:00PM EST.
  • “Ford Racing” has provided NJTechReviews LLC “2(two) Ken Block Hats” for giveaway on .
  • Fernando sanches

    I am ken block and I need my hat back.

  • matt

    Ken block is amazing! and who wouldnt want a ken block hat to wear everywhere and support one of the greatest drivers of all time!

  • Jeremiehamilton76

    I am a huge Ken block fan. love watching him race. And do his tricks in gymkhana. Most definitely would love one of these hats.

  • Jstn_emerson

    I love Ken Block’s videos and merch. I have two shirts, getting sneakers and maybe a jacket. Last thing I need is his hat.

    • Jstn_emerson
      Name:Justin Emerson

  • Garrett

    Ken Block is an amazing driver and ford cars are the best vehicles on the road i will never drive anything else i love my 95 ford escort rally car

  • Tony Ault

    Because I am me and U know I deserve it.

  • JKSaleen85

    Because I love Fiestas!!! Jeff Knott, E-Mail-

  • Mharr1729

    I need to win this so I can shove it in my Chevy friends face

  • Nanamx

    Ken Block is the best and so is Monster and FORD!!! I have the matching shirt and I am a badass grandma 🙂

  • Nate

    I believe that i deserve to receive Ken Block hat because i am a HUGE Ken Block and Ford Racing fan. I drink Monster every morning to wake me up for work and it does its job. Having all the bests in one hat is just awesome and i would be thrilled to win one of these hats. Thank you for this opportunity for us fans to win something so cool as these hats with the Monster logo on the front.

  • Cole andrews

    because fors is the best. everything i own is ford and all i drink is monsters. ken block is an amazing guy and is super sick on the track. also bj baldwin is one of his friends and says hes really chill
    name: cole andrews

  • Robert mckiernan

    I need a ken block hat because i never have tjlhe luck to win everything ive been the bigest ford and ken block fan out there i have never owned anything but a ford and have owned 7 ford vehicles please pick me

  • shad

    I think I should when a hat because I am a ford fan I also drive a ford f350 and I’m a big fan of monster energy drink and a big fan of ken if I was to win this had when I put it on I would feel like I was like ken but in my truck

    Thanks. Shad

  • stormshadow

    Since I was a little kid Ford has been in my heart. My first car was a 67 Ford Mustang my grandfather bought me to restore. My first truck was a Ford Ranger. My High School graduation present was a Ford Explorer. And my first car I bought all alone is my current 2004 F-150 SuperCrew Lariat. Ford is in my blood and the only car gear I wear is Ford. What Ken Block is doing for Rally racing in America is just amazing. I want to share this sport and his gear is the way to do it. Especially cause it is super awesome and it says Ford on it! Cheers guys!

  • Kev111690

    Always been a huge Kenny B fan, in rally and gym. Some monster gear would look sick with my black pony!

  • Bigdom13145

    I need it to match my hoodie!

  • ABfireguy

    I think I deserve a Ken Block hat because of how cool it would look on me.

  • ryan ernst

    i think i deserve the hat because ken block is my hero. i watch every rally he races in and never miss any videos that he puts out. i want to be a wrc driver one day ryan ernst

  • Hondadude450

    what size are they?

  • Ray

    I need the Ken block hat so when I ride my 2001 ford focus

  • Extremekalhan

    Ken block revived gravel lovers, so if i get this people will know I’m a follower of the revolution!

  • Jessey

    Ken block has inspired me to start looking for a car. I’ve been a huge rally fan since I was little and I support ken no matter what place he finishes in. Ken is the best driver in the world.

  • samuel sanchez

    I must have it I have posters signed by him I have his sweater and his belt but no hat and in need of one!!!

  • chris naujokas

    I would like to win this hat as a souvenir from the icon Ken Block a man that has inspired many others to enjoy racing and driving talent and showmanship to a new level with his Gymkhana videos . Kudos to Ken and his brand DC and Ford for standing behind him. So NJTECHREVIEW hook me up !

  • EliteStangsCustoms

    Monster and dc are my favorite brands. I also own a Ford Mustang and DC became “DC” the same year i was born 94′ so i do think i deserve it.

  • Anthony P.

    I’ve always followed Ken Block through his racing. I have a Ken Block hoodie and 4 Ken Block shirts that I LOVE to wear. I’ve entered every giveaway for Ken Block merchandise and haven’t won a single contest… I have 3 Ken Block stickers on my ’02 Ford Focus: A Monster Logo, “i heart gymkhana.” sticker, and the orange DC splatter. Ken Block is also from my home-state, and I love every product that I’ve ever owned by DC. Mr. Block is a huge inspiration. I’m a Hoonigan for life, and I will always Hoon responsibly. I know I deserve this hat.

    Anthony M. Pitts

  • I would like to win the hat so I can figure out who Ken Block is????????

  • Alex Gade

    I would like a hat to represent Ken Block please 😀

  • Cian Mullen

    I think I deserve the hat cause I love monster and ford and DC. I would also look real good. 🙂

  • Izzy_0207

    Ken block is just another inspiration just like ppl Brian deegan… Travis pastrana… He’s the reason y were entering the race world and like him take a chance in something u love.. Plus I’m a Monster addict and a ford driver
    Ivan Duran

  • Cjameswil

    why do i deserve this hat?? cuz it’s pretty awesome, and i need some swagg lol. Plus why not represent the man Ken!!! Caleb Wilson.

  • Kenyon payne

    I deserve this hat becaus ei have the gymkhana shoes to match! And my name is ken too!

  • Dragonslayer421

    I just need a new hat

  • Drskford

    There is nothing better than a fast green Ford and an ice cold Monster!

  • pete

    well i was sliding around in parking lots,etc,when i was younger.had a lot of fun doing this,and folks asking how i did it.adding water,ice,snow just added to the fun of things.i thought i should ve been a stunt driver.

  • Drskford

    There is nothing better than a fast green Ford and an ice cold Monster!

  • Zakk

    Id like to win a hat because i am a huge ken block fan. I have a jacket t-shirt sweatshirt and shoes but i need a hat

  • Patrick Vogel

    My dog ate the last one…

  • sky lajoie

    I believe i deserve the hat because through my family history we’ve used Fords. Being farmers we used ford Semi trucks, tractors, pickups, ive loved them all including my current 2006 F-150!

  • Ramireztony82

    I deserve to win one of these hats because im a huge ken block fan and i have most of his shirts and all the hats except that one it would complete my collection. Even if i dont win ford racing And men block you guys are awsome!!.

  • Big Herm

    I need me one bad ass hat…………….That way I could be a bad ass like block!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just because it’s an awesome hat. Plus it would look awesome in my F-250 S.D.

  • Robert Heiden-Erickson

    I love ford Cars and trucks

  • FordStyleDaddy

    I need this hat because I have wanted some Ken Block gear for a long while now but because I am in school with a family I can’t afford any of it right now. Plus, my 6 year old daughter says that it will look really cool on me because its my favorite racecar driver and I love Fords!!! 🙂

  • J.C.Tan

    We are Ford users ever since. I loved my father’s Ford laser when I was a little kid and now I own a Ford myself. Thinking of selling the old one and buy me a sweet Ford Fiesta. :))

  • Antoniocarvalhoreis

    I have no money to buy the perfect wrc ford fiesta so give me this hat to feel the rush of ford racing and ken block : )

    Antonio Reis

    Portugal 😀

  • Landon

    I deserve this hat, because it matches the autographed shirt that my wife got me for Christmas last year! 🙂

  • Joser66

    I need this hat to match the monster I’m drink, when I replace the mobile 1 oil in my ford, all while I wear my dc’s and my car it’s pirellis

  • Jimmy

    I think I should win this hat because I got a 100% on my spelling test for the 5th week in a row. I’m 7 years old and a huge Ken Block fan.

  • Dean-93

    i need a hat cause i drive a foooorrrddd!


  • Stangmama23

    I really need this hat, I tried to get a ride along at SEMA two days in a row and couldn’t…so I went online and bought a sweatshirt…..still doesn’t make me feel better about not getting ride along…. 🙁
    Love Ken Block, and Ford entisiast for life

  • Alex

    I deserve this hat because im a huge supporter of ken block. i hav more than 10 DC brands 3 ken block brands. and i have a DC decal on my car

  • Caution98gt

    I deserve this hat because i’m currently deployed in Iraq and have 19 years in the military. I own Ford or nothing, two Ford trucks, and a Mustang GT. Monster and Ford Racing are the shit! And you need a bad ass to wear a bad ass hat. I’m your man.

  • Jackass68

    I would love to have is out standing hat. NJTech Reviews and the greatest rally car driver out that goes by the name KEN BLOCK.(O and he is a really nice guy too) so now that I’m done kissing up lol. I would ajoy wear is hat and tell everyone how and wear I got it from. Thank you

  • Nvhoonigan

    I need this hat because my regular ken block hat is getting worn out and I need a new one to show off my ken block pride but as we all know money is tight!!! I love ken block!!!!!

  • Fire7b110

    i recently came home from a deployment over in kahandahr afganistian, and have been trying to find KEN BLOCK gear ever since i came home but am having troubble finding it in my area. my grandfather also used to work for ford back in hte day plus i just bought my first ford. thanks for your consideration

  • Stonos

    i need the Ken Block gear couse we can’t get it over here

  • Coty

    I really NEED THIS HAT so I can complete my collection of ken block stuff! I have shirts, the shoes,jacket! All I need is a hat!

  • Marco

    I deserve to win because I’m the biggest italian fan of Ken Block!

  • He is my favorite driver, and I try to collect all his merchandise to make me his biggest fan. Kelli Adkins………

  • daniel benitez

    hello I would love to make a cap that ken block is an excellent in the wrc racing gymkhana and is good to go .. get started in wrc

  • stephaniebc

    hi in mexican fan of ken block because is exelente drive in gymhana car and wrc ken block is good in the drift

  • Simplycircles

    I’d love to win this hat for my father In Law who is an avid Nascar fan and has only driven fords his whole life. He’s currently in the hospital and I know this would cheer him up! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    The NJTechReviews Ken Block Hat Giveaway Is Now Done. Thank You To Everyone Who Entered! More Info Will Be Coming Soon.