Our friends over at Brita have sent us the Brita Marina Pitcher for us to review! It is one of the newest Brita pitchers to hit the market! Now, let’s get started with the full review of  Brita Marina Pitcher!



The design of the Brita Marina Pitcher was built with the home and office in mine. It comes in “black” which will go with any room. Some of its new features would be a new  Electronic filter change indicator and a new lid. All of the enhancements will make you enjoy the product better. It holds eight 8-ounce glasses of water. So, while it is not the biggest pitcher available it will get the job done. It’s electronic filter indicator comes in very handy. As you ca imagine you probably have a very busy schedule and it is hard to remember to change the filter. And most of the time by the time you remember it may be too late. Well, with the  electronic filter indicator this is no longer a worry. After you set up your Brita Marina Pitcher you can simply turn on the electronic filter indicator and once the filter needs to be change or a couple of days before it will light up and inform you that you need change the filter. Also, if you register your Pitcher on Brita’s website, you can get some coupons for your next Filter purchase. Overall, the design of the Brita Marina Pitcher is great!


Taste Of Water

Now, earlier this year we review the Brita Bottle and the Brita Grand Pitcher. Both of these products as well as the Brita Marina Pitcher all use the same filter technology. Fan’s of Brita have come to know and love their distinct taste. The Brita Marina Pitcher tastes of water is very clean, it tastes different from what you would get out of bottled water. And after a while you will come to love it and it will feel strange when your drinking other water. The water that comes filtered out of the Brita Marina Pitcher is very clean water and it has a distinct taste to it. Overall, the taste of the water from the Brita Marina Pitcher is great!


Bottom Line

The Brita Marina Pitcher is a great choice for filter water system. It has a portable design that makes it perfect for the home or office. You can easily move it from room to room. It doesn’t have the biggest space for holding water, but it should be enough. It has the same great taste of water that is found in other Brita Products. The Brita Marina Pitcher retails for the price of $31.99 and is available now. You Can Get You Brita Marina Pitcher, By Clicking Here. We would like to thank Brita for providing us with a copy of the “Brita Marina Pitcher”.



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