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CES 2012 for Lenovo keeps getting bigger and bigger! Today they have unveiled the IdeaTab S2, Smartphone S2, and the K91 Smart TV! Yes, that is a Tablet, Smartphone, and a TV! Let’s begin with the IdeaTab S2! It is a 10-inch tablet, it is one-third of an inch thick and only weighs 1.1 pounds. It is one of the lights 10-inch tablets on the market! It features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8960 dual core CPU and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System! It is running Lenovo Mondrian User Interface which make this device much more simpler to use! You can get apps from both the Lenovo App Shop and the Android Market. It will come pre-loaded with applications like Angry Birds, Kindle, and many more! It has an amazing 20 hours of battery life with the extra battery. Now, it also features an amazingly designed attachable keyboard! It will come in 16GB, 32Gb, and 64GB. It has a 5 mega-pixel back camera with LED flash and a 1.3mega-pixel front facing camera. It’s awesome design and great technologies make this an amazing tablet! It will be available in China today, no word on the when the worldwide release is happening. However, Lenovo said it is coming soon! Now we have the Lenovo S2 Smartphone! It features a  Qualcomm MSM8255 1.4GHz processor and 1GB or RAM! Making this smartphone super fast! It also features a  3.8’ WVGA TFT screen display! It will be running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread! It features a Kernel-level security system to protect personal data. It also features an 8 mega-pixel back camera with LED flash. Overall, it seems like a great smartphone. It is available in China immediately, and the worldwide rollout will happen soon. Next up we have TV, yes Lenovo is now going into the TV market. They are beginning with the K91, it is the world’s first smart Tv running on Android 4.0 operating system. It is powered by QualComm’s 8060 Snapdragon dual core CPU! It has 3(three) major functions  including video on demand (VOD), Internet application and traditional TV programs. So, it is has the main features of a regular TV plus all of these new features. It is a  55 inch IPS, LED Television. It is both 2D and 3D, so you can switch back and forth. For sound it has Dolby and  SRS TruSurround. It features voice control, a built-in 5 mega-pixel web cam and more. It also works perfectly with Lenovo’s tablets and there smartphone. Lenovo’s TV is available in China immediately and will makes it worldwide rollout soon!

Lenovo Smartphone S2Lenovo Unveils A Smartphone, Smart TV, And A Tablet - NJTechReviews

Press Release

Four Screens Are Better than One with Lenovo’s New “Personal Cloud” Vision

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CES 2012, Las Vegas – January 8, 2012: Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY), the world’s number two PC company, is flexing its innovation muscle at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show and beyond, to create a seamless digital experience for its customers across multiple devices, be it PCs, tablets, smartphones or Smart TVs. Lenovo recently unveiled its “Personal Cloud” vision, marking the transformation of the company from a “personal computer” manufacturer to a “personal cloud solution” provider that integrates hardware, software and cloud computing together. The Company’s direction is evident in a variety of new products, including the IdeaTab S2, Smartphone S2 and K91 smart TV.

“Lenovo is breaking down the barriers of device differentiation and weaving together hardware, software and cloud services that are connected, experiential and dynamic,” said Liu Jun, senior vice president and president, Mobile Internet and Digital Home business group. “We understand our users need more than just the traditional keyboard and screen for a truly satisfying digital experience. Our Personal Cloud vision integrates all devices, from tablets to TVs, for a comprehensive mobile Internet experience anytime, anywhere.

IdeaTab S2 10 Struts New Specs and Multimedia Prowess

Thinner than its predecessors, the IdeaTab S2 10-inch is just one-third of an inch thin and at a feather- light 1.1lbs is one of the lightest 10-inch tablets available today. IdeaTab S2 features the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8960 dual core CPU and Android 4.0 operating systems to offer a better multimedia experience. Running Lenovo Mondrian UI, the user-friendly IdeaTab S2 10” displays customized content and includes easy access to the Lenovo App Shop and the Android Market for thousands of useful apps such as Amazon Kindle, ooVoo, Angry bird and mSpot. Its detachable design, combined with a light keyboard dock, can deliver an incredible 20 hours of battery life, which is great for both entertainment and productivity.

S2 Smartphone Boasts Security and Photography Creds

The S2 smartphone includes the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon technology and Android 2.3 operating system. Both devices include a unique Kernel-level security system to protect personal data, prevent phishing, and control network and SMS traffic. Users can also take advantage of its 8MP super camera to capture amazing panoramic photos on the go. S2 is also ready for the Cloud, and instantly syncs photos, music, videos and personal information with a dedicated online storage space for easy sharing across multiple devices.

K91—the World’s First Smart TV to Run Android 4.0 OS

As the world’s first smart TV powered by QualComm’s 8060 Snapdragon dual core CPU, the K91 is also the world’s first smart TV running the Android 4.0 operating system – which will revolutionize technology in the living room. Its smart “Sandwich” UI unites three major smart TV functions, including Video On Demand (VOD), Internet applications and traditional TV programs. The online HD VOD is tailored to individual consumers’ viewing history, and delivers the best picture and audio quality with 3D FPR technology delivering flicker-free video on a full HD IPS panel at 240hz with SRS TruSurround. Internet applications include thousands of choices from the Android Market and Lenovo Store, including console games. Additional smart TV features include voice control with natural language processing and speech recognition technology, allowing viewers to use voice commands to control the remote. Video interaction is even possible with the built-in 5MP webcam, which integrates face recognition technology for security benefits and advanced parental control. With cloud support, consumers can access their favorite songs and videos with ease, share files between the TV and their tablet, smartphone or PC, and even control the TV via tablet and smartphone.

The IdeaTab S2 tablet, S2 smartphone and K91 smart TV are available immediately in China. Lenovo will be releasing these products worldwide at a later date. More information on these products is available at www.lenovo.com

Ideatablet Lenovo Unveils A Smartphone, Smart TV, And A Tablet - NJTechReviews


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