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Our friends over at Ford Racing has given us some Ken Block gear to giveaway on NJTechReviews! This time we will be giving away 2 Autographed Ken Block Shirts! That means that 2(two) people will each get 1(one) Ken Block Shirt! To enter leave a comment below stating why you deserve to win one of these awesome Ken Block Shirts! We would like to thank Ford Racing for providing us with the giveaway items. Good Luck To All!

Giveaway Rules:

  • Leave a comment below, stating why you deserve to win this awesome Ken Block Shirt!
  • Make sure to provide us with your name and email
  • “Like” us on Facebook(, “Follow” us on Twitter( and “Like” us on Google + (
  • 2(two) people will win 1(one) Ken Block Shirt.
  • The Giveaway Runs From January 12th @8:40PM EST to January 16th @5:00PM EST.
  • “Ford Racing” has provided NJTechReviews LLC “2(two) Ken Block Shirts” for giveaway on .


  1. We are a family of four who all love Anything and everything that Ken Block does. Our boys 8, and 11 would be very thankful, as would my husband and I! And dad, Brian Kizer has been helping the team out by moving the car around a few times. Good luck to us!?! [email protected]. Or Brian Kizer at [email protected]

  2. Ken Block is probably the most talented driver I have ever seen and I would love to get some stuff from him. My life is motorsports literally and I need more stuff to add to my little racing collection. Jordan Sloss [email protected]

  3. I wish i was so good as Ken Block, and my Fiesta would look so magnificant.. I’ve seen all the videos of Ken Block and it never gets bored, but the most awesome thing about Ken Block is that he made it possible to play with his Gymkhana Fiesta on Dirt3 !!! Ken Block, we love you !

  4. Been following Ken Block ever since the first Gymkhana video and as a poor college student it’s hard for me to afford decent swag from DC. He’s definitely one of my favorite drivers in the world of motorsports!

    Adrian Schaffer
    [email protected]

  5. I deserve to win because I am a rally fan and small time rally driver who has been to countless rally events and festivals simply because Ken was there. I want another Ken Block t-shirt to wear specially for the 2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed and Rally GB, and hopefully I’ll get the chance to meet Ken and get a photo with him as well as an autograph.

    My name is Richard Cantillon
    My email is [email protected]

  6. I feel I deserve a ken block shirt from y’all cause he’s an awesome rally driver and y’all r awesome 🙂 but seriously. Ken block is really great 🙂 I got a ford fiesta and I wanna get it painted to look like his and put it in car shows. Yeah I’m a chick but that don’t mean I can’t play hard and drive hard 🙂

  7. I love everything that ken does and supports him in every event he takes part in, he is a hero to me and i would love to live his life, he owns one of my favourite cars (ford focus ST) I would do any thing for these prizes i would be so thank full to
    [email protected] nathan eadon

  8. Ken block is my favorite driver. My brother and I are huge fans. We have always wanted to meet Ken or at least get an autograph. If we get it we would be very thankful. GO FORD! GO KEN!

  9. Love drifitng and Ken has revolutionized the sport of drift racing. Huge fan of Ken and drifting, espically his gymkhanna series. Also love ford and ford racing. Had 08 mustang gt eqipped with frpp parts, unfortunatly it was stolen 🙁 And if it helps today is my 35th birthday lol. Dan Barton, [email protected]

  10. hes one of the greatest drivers ever i watched him on the x games i always am looking him up i love ford and i would really love to get this hat. it would mean the world

  11. i am a long time fan of ken and would like to meet him one day but i would love to win this hat because i might not ever get the chance to meet him so i would like to have some thing with his autograph to show off in my house

  12. Don’t know that one can actually like something in Google+ that being said, I added you to my circles. I also listed you on Twitter for extra credit! HA! I don’t think Ford, Ken Block, Rally Drivers, Mads Ostberg, Henning Solberg, Matthew Wilson, NASCAR drivers Bayne, Stenhouse Jr. Edwards, Ambrose, Almirola, et. al., NHRA driver Bob Tasca III have a bigger fan than little old wine maker me.

  13. Ken is the man loved him and rob drifting and messing around in the mini I would love some free gear I can’t afford to buy any on my own would be great to have a signed piece from a great driver

  14. I love ken block so much, i have started collecting stuff and that would go great. im addicted to rally and anything that is involved in it. Please can i have one so i can brag to my friends. LOL 🙂 [email protected]

  15. Huge Ford and Ford Rally Race fan, as well as a proud owner of a Ford Focus. Absolutely love watching all of Ken Block’s performances online , and I also have to say, he’s definitely my idol for rally racing and gymkhana. Perfect manuevers every time! You Go Ken!!
    Elizabeth Goldberg. Email: [email protected]

  16. I deserve a hat cuz not only do i love Ford but i have only owned a ford my whole life my mustang is awesome. And Ken Block is the man he is kicka$$ and monster energy is a great sponsor and taste better. Im Robbie Shrey, [email protected]. Thanks.

  17. I’ve been driving Fords since I was five. I own all the Fords in Forza 3 and 4 including the Ken Block Fiesta specially tuned and painted. I also own a 15 year old Mustang with 252,000 miles that is my daily driver. If I’m not a Ford Fan, I don’t know what is!

  18. I feel that Ken Block is a great inspiration to everyone out there, this is not just because he’s a rally driver, but because of his determination and attitude towards trying something new. His unique gymkhana videos have inspired me and given me a whole new perception on videography. He also inspired me to buy a Ford Fiesta, which I hope one day I will be able to modify to look as cool as his H.F.H.V Thanks for reading! Garreth [email protected]

  19. I deserve one because I am a big Fan of Ken Block, Ford and Monster Energy. For 2 years I bought my first car, a Fiesta JA8, an I love that car like the first day.
    And I’m still searching for stuff which matches with the car. In my opinion the Ken Block Merch is perfect, but it’s difficult to get these in Germany. my e-mail: [email protected]

  20. I constantly watch Ken Block and follow what he does. He has become an inspiration to me to live life to the fullest and to keep practicing what you want to be good at. I drag race my 1995 Ford Ranger and I want to start drifting so I find his talent an art in my opinion. If I were to win this shirt I would mean a lot because I could always look at it and see what inspires me every single day! Even if I don’t win Im still a dedicated fan of Ford and Ken Block. Oh and ne last thing Ken Block you rock man!

  21. Because Ken Blocks a bad ass! 12 americans have walked on the moon, theres 4 with WRC ponits. and being 15, i cant afford to do what he dose so waching him and whereing his stuffs the 2ed best! peter [email protected]

  22. I would like to earn the shirt because I’m a big fan of ken block. He’s an inspiration to me but I don’t want to be a rally car driver. I rather be one of the guys fixing and setting up his car. I also want to learn and master the art of drifting. I think he is truly amazing and should do formula drift some day. Anyways have a good day, from a ken block fan in south Florida, USA!

  23. Because I’m a Chevy drag racing fan. But having been to Europe. I have been facinated with the rally success of the Ford Focus. When you’re a motorhead and stationed overseas, the only thing you get is Rally or F1. Keep on representing Ken!

  24. I’m an emergency services dispatcher and have not always been a ford fan but since my 1st ford (02 focus) I have bought 3 more (05 stang, 07 f150, 09 f150) and introduced my coworkers to ken block videos a few years ago. What he can do with a modified fiesta is amazing…keep it up!

  25. i have ALWAYS been a fan of Ken Block, and i look up to the man as an Idol. i would do anything to be in his shoes. his gymkhana videos are my most favorite videos out there heck haha ive tried doing stunts like that, the results didnt come out as good as his though. But i would be exstatic if i had won one of these shirts. cause i have yet to meet my idol due to the fact he never comes to Az, but whos keeping track? haha

  26. I’ve worked for Ford Motor Company for nine years now. It’s a awesome company to work for! Looking forward to hitting up some rallys and watch Ken Block, he is an amazing driver, hope one day I can catch a ride with him!!

  27. Ken Block is by far one of the best I have ever seen, especially the way he handles that Fiesta. I’ve myself been driving a Ford since I was 6 and my mother let me steer her 1991 Collinsworth. Since then I’ve had three of their vehicles, a 99′ Escort SE, 1992 Ranger, and an 07 F-250 Superduty KingRanch. I love my Fords, what’s even better? Ken Block drives the hell outta one!!! Watching that man tear a$$ down Gymkhana seriously made me scream holy shit like a little school girl who just lost her lunch money. Even if I don’t get the shirt, please tell Ken Block to keep it up!!!!

  28. I am a true ken block fan I have just about all his merchandise out he is an awesome driver he does things with a car that shouldn’t be done let alone tryed and he makes it look easy an autograph would complete a lot if my collection thanks for listening to me I hope you consider me

  29. Well i really dont knw if i’ll b the winner but I’ve luved FORDS 4 a very very long time & Ken is the Best driver that i’ve seen,,,even that guy that was on TopGear!!!!, & Thx 2 Ken 4 being a Great Driver 2 watch!!!

  30. Ken Block is my favorite rally racer and I’ve been a big fan ever since he was racing a Subaru. Honestly, I was a little upset when he left Subaru racing, but he really knows how to work his Ford Fiesta. I have been to see Ken Block at any chance I could possibly get, like when he raced in Xgames two years ago against Brian Deegan and Travis Pastrana, or when he debuted his hybrid Fiesta in the World Rally Tour at Dodger Stadium. I even make it to his signings at the DC Store on Melrose. I am an absolute Ken Block fan and feel that I most definitely deserve this t-shirt.

  31. I would like to win the shirt because i would like it to give my brother who is my role model, something back for everything he jas done thru my struggle with ovarian cancer.

  32. Honestly I don’t know all that much about Ken Block, but I’ve seen his vids online and I think he has some great driving talent. Those videos are some great inspiration for anyone who even remotely likes cars and driving. I would like a shirt alot, but it’s no biggie if someone else gets them. I’m currently in the middle of building a 400 horse power 302 ford ranger, im trusting ford racing parts on most of my build. Thanks
    Here’s my email : [email protected]

  33. Ken block is the ultimate driver! At what way to show suport and true fellowship than to wear and special edition signed tshirt! I’m from south africa and us guys here have more passion about driving than any other place in the world. Imagine the the envy on my mates faces when I pull up in that ken block signed t-shirt! And that my friends is WHY I think I should have that shirt

  34. I can write many things here stating why I deserve to win… but I have only 1 reason… I’m a true Ken Block fan because he is a truly talented driver and he seems like a very natural person, not only as a race car driver but as a family man because he shows it in his pics with his family and that is foremost the greatest example of a great person.

  35. I deserve to have this shirt because it’s the coolest team gear in motorsport and it would look so good on my bedroom wall

  36. I deserve this shirt because I’m a big fan.. I’m I wanna become as great as a racer and a driver like ken block and plus your an amazing driver… But I don’t get the shirt can I take a picture with you with your autograph your like a mentor too me… :)) I hope I get it

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