You are probably wondering what HIP stands for, your answer would be Health ID Profile. It is a new start-up company and is part of the Verizon Innovation Center. They will be featured at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Verizon’s booth. One thing you should know is that Verizon is not just your carrier, that is just scratching the surface. Verizon has many others parts to it like it’s two Innovation Centers. Health ID Profile is just one of few companies that were chosen, Check Out The Verizon CES News Center For More Information! Health ID Profile is a making your medical information mobile in the form of a band. Currently, they offer bands for adults and kids. They have a USB drive on them and a unique HIP code, to access the medical info corresponding to that person. Simply plug the USB drive into a computer or if you’re on a mobile device you can go to the URL listed and type in the HIP code to access the medical info on an easy to use interface. Launching at the Consumer Electronics Show will be the NFC HIP Medical ID Band. This uses one of the latest and greatest upcoming technologies, which is Near Field Communications. With a tap of a smartphone or tablet you can quickly and easily access the medical information. It is backed by Verizon Wireless and their awesome super fast 4G LTE network! Health ID Profile truly believes that Verizon’s 4G LTE is the most reliable and fastest network out there. However, this simple tap to access the info will work from any data connected device. You are probably wondering where your health information is stored? It is  on a secure server in the cloud, and you should know that they have many backups and the servers are placed all around the world to give you constant up time. This way whenever you have to use the band you have a quick and efficient way to access the information on it. These new NFC HIP Medical ID Bands will be waterproof and are made out of the same material as the popular Livestrong bands. This simple tap and view technology will make it super fast to access from your smartphone. So who is this designed for? While anyone can use it was designed for diabetics and others with chronic diseases. From the diabetes stand point it will have you log your glucose levels and other information. It will save this in the cloud and will keep a log of it, this way if you ever are in an emergency situation the office or who ever it may be is just a tap away from your medical record. You can also print out your information for your next check up or just let them tap and view at the office. Angelo A. Pitassi Jr. and Chris Melo, the Co-Founder of Health ID Profile, truly believe that the HIP Bands could help save lives. I can see this product would come in  handy during any type of emergency. No pricing for the new NFC HIP Medical ID Bands has been announced just yet, but it is launching at 2013 Consumer Electronics Show which is next week! In terms of the current USB HIP Medical ID Bands, they start around $19.95 and the online service is free for the first year. After that year it will cost just $19.95 per year. When I spoke to Angelo and Chris they assured me that the new bands will be reasonably priced. I am super excited about Health ID Profile and I cannot wait to check out the new NFC HIP Medical ID Bands! Stay tuned for future coverage on Health ID Profile. For More Information On Health ID Profile, Please Click Here.



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