As you can imagine at the Super Bowl our nation’s wireless carriers are tested, just like they were during the Presidential Inauguration a few weeks ago. Even though there was a power surge which caused a black out this year, AT&T’s network held strong! Much to my surprise during the hours of 8-9PM EST, which was the halftime show and the black out, this was the peak hours for their network. Customers sent twice as many texts, made many phone calls, and used around 10GB more of data then at any other point during the game! AT&T customers in total used 78GB of data during this small period of time! AT&T has a in-stadium mobility network that was being used during the game and in total AT&T customers used 388GB of data which was the  highest volume of data AT&T has ever carried on there in-stadium mobility network during a Super Bowl! This is an 80% increased over last years usage in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl! Over 73,000 phone calls were made as well during the game! AT&T amped up coverage in the area as well, to make sure that there network could handle the influx. They had over 160 WiFi Hotspot locations, brought in several COW’s(Cell-On-Wheels), and made network enhancements! AT&T has had 4G LTE in New Orleans since May of 2012! Check Out This Map Of AT&T’s Network Enhancements In New Orleans For This Years Super Bowl Below! However, through it all AT&T’s network held strong and continued to provide great service! Check out the gallery below!

Check Out This Map Of AT&T’s Network Enhancements In New Orleans For This Years Super Bowl!



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