Google Fiber is still growing, as of today it is currently available in Austin, Provo, and Kansas City. And Google is on a steady trail of announcing new cities the service will be coming too, and today they announced Salt Lake City is getting Google Fiber. You might not think of Salt Lake City having a technology market or sector, as it is known for fantastic ski resorts. Salt Lake City is more than skiing, with several colleges, a growing technology sector, and a unique culture. Google believes that the citizens of Salt Lake City will be able to create and innovate in unique ways with Fiber’s gigabit internet.

Like Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham areas, Salt Lake City is now joining the design phase of Google Fiber. Over the coming months, Google will be working with city officials to see where they can lay fiber optic cables across the city. It will be exciting to see what Salt Lake City can do with Google Fiber and to see what cities are next on the map for the service.



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