On stage at Google I/O, the company has just unveiled the new Photos application. Key features include being asked to save and share with who ever you like. Google will let you save unlimited photos and video for life, the best part is that the service is free. It will be rolling out today on Android, iOS, and the web and it will be free. It will let you store, share, save, and edit photos and videos, as well as create slide shows.

The unlimited storage part is pretty much true, it will be for photos up to 16MP and videos up to 1080p HD resolution. When you upload photos you can choose to save them in high quality, which is essentially print quality photos that look pretty nice. The goal with Google Photos is to let you save and share photos, and for photos to be more then pixels.

The service will atomically organize your photos in several ways, those being photos, locations, and things that matter. It can also atomically enhance and combine photos into albums.


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