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Bevy is a new company that is launching a smart photo system that is designed for families. It was developed in cooperation with Intel and allows you to backup, view, and easily share your photos. While it has some similarities to iCloud Photo Library and Google Photos, it does have some differences. These would be price, that it is a physical piece of hardware, and that it can be accessed by an entire family.

The Bevy hardware itself is a small box that has plenty of ports and a solid amount of storage. The smart technology comes in that multi-user families or groups can organize and share all there photos in one place. It also free’s up storage on your smartphone, by moving the photos from your phone to the Bevy. The box itself will connect your wireless network in your home and can be accessed from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

You can get Bevy with either 1 terabyte or 2 terabytes of storage inside. If you want to bring your photos to a big screen, the Bevy has an HDMI port so you can connect it to your television. By using the Bevy application your smartphone, you can “fling” or rather swipe photos to your television. Via the application you can share the photos or videos on your Bevy through a variety of sources.

To keep your photos safe you can do an in-home backup at no extra charge, or for a monthly fee you backup to Bevy’s secure and encrypted cloud storage. The 1TB model can hold around 400,000 photos, while the 2TB model can hold around 1 million photos. You can get a Bevy in your choice of Blue, Black and Purple.

The only thing that might hold you back from getting a Bevy would be the price, the 1TB model comes in at $349, while the 2TB model will arrive at $429. But if you are looking for a physical and accessible system to hold your photos and video, plus one that has sharing features built right inside, Bevy might be for you. Stay tuned for our full review of Bevy, where we will give our full thoughts on the hardware and the service, in the coming weeks!

Check out Bevy’s website for more information, by clicking here.



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