Sling TV is continuing their mission to #TakeBackTV and today they have announced there new ad campaign. In fact this is their first general market ad campaign, and they have three advertisement spots which hit hard at the TV and cable providers. Sling is saying that these new ads are aimed at the millennial generation and will showcase how they tend to say no to traditional subscriptions to get TV.

Glen Eisen, the Cheif Marketing Officer of Sling TV, stated “The #TakeBackTV campaign introduces Sling TV as a new model and solution for the millennial audience. It directly mirrors their sentiment toward the pain points that accompany traditional pay-TV, in an exaggerated, humorous and fun way.” Granted the advertisements are quite satirical towards the TV industry, and keep in mind that Dish owns Sling TV. But then again Dish is looking at Sling TV as a whole new industry, so driving more customers to it, can’t be a bad thing.

You can can check out the three new advertisements from Sling TV below, along with a few images from the campaign.



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