Earlier this month, Sling TV launched it’s first television advertising campaign that was showing consumers how they could #TakeBackTV. Sling TV has just put out an interesting blog post, that apparently outs Comcast for blocking their advertisements on NBC. Comcast is a giant television company that owns NBC and several other O&O networks under them, they are who Sling TV is showcasing in these advertisements.

In that the older players, like Comcast just don’t get the future of television, or at least the future that Sling TV is predicting. Currently the advertisements are not blocked on independently owned NBC stations, but they are not being shown on stations in San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., as they have rejected the ads.

Sling TV goes further in saying that Comcast doesn’t get it and they don’t want their consumers to see it, or to get a chance to experience cord cutting. As Roger Lynch, the CEO of Sling TV, put it “Unfortunately, it appears “Old TV” may grasp at any tactic in attempt to preserve the status quo“. It will be interesting to see if Comcast releases any statement or tries to deny the blocking of these advertisements.


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