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The wireless industry has been booming lately, with carriers fighting for customers and some of them making some unique moves. From getting rid of 2-year contracts, to offering new international plans. Keep in mind that AT&T did buy the two largest carriers in Mexico, with the intended purpose of making one big carrier for North America. T-Mobile offers an international plan as well, and now we have the newly announced Sprint Open World offering.

Sprint Open World essentially provides free-calling, free texting in Mexico and Canada, as well as 1GB of free data in these countries. This new feature will also work in the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Paraguay at no extra cost. For these countries, beside Mexico and Canada, calls will start at 5-cents per minute.

If you need more than 1GB of data, you can buy more for $30 per GB and if you use less, you will be charged less. It seems that Sprint is taking a cue from Google’s Project Fi.

This is an interesting move for Sprint and it seems that they are working on revamping both their brand and their network. It seems they are getting ready for an expansion by AT&T and by doing this, they are providing great features for their customers. For more information on Sprint Open World, you can visit


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