Google’s Duo will go head-to-head with FaceTime and Skype



Google is going to be going head-to-head against FaceTime and Skype with a new video calling application launching this summer. It is a dead simple application that allows for you to video call from your iOS or Android device to another one. Even better it will be based on your phone number and the phone book, allowing you to call almost anyone. It will work on both a WiFi or a cellular connection, allowing for both fast and slow speeds.

The feed of the video will be in 720p which should give you a crisp view. If you are leaving the house when you get the call, the video call will transfer from WiFi to cellular with ease. The calls will also be end-to-end encrypted, allowing for a solid amount of security for communication.

A very neat feature of Duo, is that when the call comes through you will be able to see a live feed of whoever is calling you. Google is calling this Knock-Knock and they are saying that it  “invites you into the moment, making calls feel spontaneous and fun.” The menu or rather user interface will disappear once you join the call, allowing the focus to be on yourself and whoever you are talking too.

Google Duo will be launching for iOS and Android later this summer.