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LG usually likes to let secrets out, and early this morning they announced that the Music Flow P5 and SoundPop 360 are coming soon. These are both Bluetooth speakers that will be “officially unveiled” at IFA 2015, which will kick off on September 4th, with the presentations the day before. Both of these speakers were designed for customers want great sound quality in a very portable package. It seems that they will be trying to compete with Braven, Jawbone, and Fugoo speakers, to put it simply the portable speaker market is a packed one.

The  Music Flow P5 will work with LG’s Auto Play feature, this means when your connected device gets into range of the speaker, it will atomically start playing music. The P5 has a rechargeable battery inside, that should last for around 15 hours. The Music Flow P5 has a pretty standard design, kind of like a rectangular box with control buttons on the top. The SoundPop 360 on the hand looks like a glass bottle, or like an Ultimate Ear Boom speaker that has a top on it. The SoundPop 360 is a cylindrical speaker that will broadcast sound at 360 degrees, this way it doesn’t have to be facing one way. It has a rechargeable battery as well, but it appears larger than the one in the P5, as it will last around 20 hours.

Several LG only features are on the Music Flow P5 and SoundPop 360, for instance with Multi Point you can have multiple people connect multiple devices allowing simultaneously controlling. You can connect multiple speakers to the same device with Dual Play and with TV Sound Sync you can have these Bluetooth speakers connect to your television.

No word on pricing or availability yet, but we should get more information on the Music Flow P5 and SoundPop 360 at IFA 2015 early next month.



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