Samsung HW-K950 Soundbar

Samsung is kicking off it’s 2016 Consumer Electronics Show announcements, they have unveiled what they are calling a groundbreaking new soundbar. Introducing the HW-K950 Soundbar from Samsung and it is there first to feature Dolby Atmos. You are probably thinking that Dolby Atmos is mostly used in theaters, recently renovated movie theaters to be specific, and you would be right. The premise is that the technology makes sound more immersive as they shoot the audio around you. It seems that Samsung has worked with Dolby to bring this technology to the home.

The HW-K950 is not just a soundbar, it also includes two rear wireless Dolby Atmos enabled speakers. The soundbar along with these wireless speakers will deliver 5.1.4-channel sound, plus you have a subwoofer. The soundbar itself is quite slim at just 2.1-inches high and has three forward-facing and two upwards-facing speakers. This will create a rich and immersive sounding experience, no longer do you need speakers in your ceiling too have 3D audio.

A point of clarification, is that while the soundbar can upgrade the sound and send it out through the Dolby Atmos technology, similar to 4K studios and publishers need to build it in to get the full effect. I have a feeling that Dolby Atmos will get picked up from similar platforms who picked up 4K at first, like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video.


In addition this new soundbar, Samsung is making additions and upgrades to it’s Radiant360 series. At CES 2016, Samsung will be showing off new colors and designs for the speakers. They will also be rolling out new applications for the Gear S and Gear S2 smartwatches by Samsung, so that you can control the Radiant360 speakers while on the go and right from your wrist. They will also be updating the Samsung Multiroom App for other devices with home cinema settings and audible notifications.

While no pricing or availability for the new Radiant360 series speakers or the HW-K950 soundbar has been announced just yet, I have a feeling we will get that information later this week.

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