Earlier this month, Verizon Wireless followed the arc that is going on in the wireless industry. Verizon officially got rid of the contract and now offers one plan, The Verizon Plan. The main portion of the plan is unlimited talk, unlimited text, and a choice of data. You can choose from four plans, those being small, medium, large, and X-large. Small comes in at $30, and X-larger comes in at $80, with the other sizes having prices in between.

After the announcement of the new plan, there were many questions left un-answered, Verizon also choose to make the announcement on Friday afternoon. But the new plans officially become available last week, with some new graphics in stores and some banners on their website.

I had the chance to speak with Andrew Testa, who is the public relations manager for Verizon Wireless, check out our brief interview below.

Jacob Krol, NJTechReviews: Are More Everything Plans being phased out on August 13th as well? And if a customer is still in a 2-year contract how will this affect them?

Andrew Testa, Verizon Wireless: Yes. All new customers must have the new pricing. Existing MORE Everything customers can choose to move to the new plan, but they will not be automatically migrated.  However, if an existing customer moves to the new plan, they cannot go back to MORE Everything. 

If a MORE Everything customer wants to move to the new plan but has a smartphone on a two-year contract, they can do it, but the monthly access charge for that phone will remain at $40 until the terms of the contract are met. Once the contract is fulfilled, we will automatically drop their monthly access charge to $20.

Jacob Krol, NJTechReviews: Can customers choose any other plans beside the new Verizon Plan?

Andrew Testa, Verizon Wireless: All new customers must have the new pricing.  

Jacob Krol, NJTechReviews: Is Verizon Edge just simply known as Verizon’s device payment options now?’

Andrew Testa, Verizon Wireless: Correct. “Device Payment.”

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