non-Verizon smartphones

Verizon Wireless has been promising an announcement for Wednesday via their Twitter account, but Verizon has a new offering. And this new service or offering makes them pretty friendly too other smartphones, as they will now let you bring select non-Verizon smartphones to the carrier. Keep in mind that Verizon is a CDMA carrier, not a GSM carrier like AT&T or T-Mobile. This means that it will be a group of a few devices that will be able to be brought over.

It appears that for customers who are currently using iPhone’s or Nexus 6’s with the proper CDMA network bands will be able to bring your device to Verizon. The carrier also has a nifty website where you can search and see if your device will work. On the website you will have to choose your operating system and then provide the devices IMEI, otherwise known as a device identifier. Verizon will then let you know if your devices work and will suggest a plan to add it too.


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