AT&T is brining back unlimited data, which sounds like a good thin, but they are not bring it back with no catches. For starters, in order too get on this new unlimited plan, you need to also subscribe to either DirecTV or U-Verse. The carrier seems to be trying to show off it’s newly offered video streaming services, these first began when they acquired DirecTV. There is an extra cost here, as you need to both subscribe to the wireless end and to the home service end. Although they are offering a solution to problem that occurs when you stream too much video on the go.

The new unlimited plan comes in $100 a month for one smartphone, and another $40 for each individual device line. You get unlimited data, talk, and text. Things do add up quickly especially if you want to use a smartphone and tablet, it jumps to $140 a month, plus the cost of DirecTV or U-Verse.

It seems that along with offering a new way to stream video, they are also targeting T-Mobile’s binge on feature which gives your free video streaming. AT&T also notes that they plan to launch a wide-range of new video entertainment options later in 2016, as well as new plan options that serve both wireless and home customers. Which means AT&T might have a competitor to Verizon’s Go90 in the works.

If you are already an AT&T subscriber and want to add DirecTV, you can do so for as little as $19.99 a month with a 24-month agreement. Or if you are on DirecTV and want to add AT&T, you can switch and get $500 in credits when you switch to the Unlimited Plan with an eligible trade-in, and buy a smartphone on their Next payment plan.


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