YouTube character/sensation/singer/??? Miranda Sings announced in a video today that she is “pregnant”- she has been busy creating and nurturing a new project. The baby in question is, of course, her upcoming Netflix TV show. The series, “Haters Back Off”, will showcase Miranda’s personal and family life. Eight episodes have been ordered thus far.

Miranda Sings often describes herself as a “five-threat” – she claims to be a gifted “singer, actor, dancer, model, and magician”. Yet she is horrendous at all of these things. Her egotism, obliviousness, and hideous look (she wears ugly clothing and smears lipstick beyond the edges of her lips) add to the disaster. This concoction of atrocities has garnered Miranda nearly 5.8 million subscribers on YouTube, and her videos have a combined view count of over 820 million.

The mastermind behind the character is actress Colleen Ballinger Evans, who created Miranda Sings eight years ago. Her videos were intended to poke fun at the talentless masses who aspired to find fame and fortune through posting singing videos on YouTube. Evans has achieved worldwide success with her live Miranda Sings shows. In 2014, Miranda was featured in an episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Evans/Miranda wrote a New York Times bestselling “Selp-Helf” book last year, adding “aufhor” to Miranda’s list of talents.

By Jason Claman


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