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Rumored for quite some time has been the ability to have multiple Instagram accounts logged in at the same time. Thus eliminating the need for you to sign out and sign back in, as well as reconnect the social accounts, every time you switch accounts. But in the past few months and most recently late last week, Instagram has been beta testing the feature. But, good news is arriving for iOS and Android users alike, this feature is now rolling out too all users.

You will need Instagram version 7.15, which is the latest version and it seems that you do not need to update the app physically, but it will just appear. The setup for having multiple accounts is quite nice, all of the notifications will come in the traditional way and will now have the username of the account they are associated with attached.

To add multiple account simply go into settings, and scroll down to the bottom of that page. You should then see an “add account” option and it is simple as clicking on that and signing in. From there, when you are on the profile page for your account simply tap your name at the top and you can switch in between accounts. You can even add an account right from there, there is no word, yet, on how many accounts you can have logged in.



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