Image Courtesy of Jacob Krol NJTechReviews
Image Courtesy of Jacob Krol NJTechReviews

We are now two days away from New Years Eve and the world biggest party will be going down in Times Square. The star of the show is, of course, the Times Square Ball, and it is quite the sight to behold. Coming in at 12 feet in diameter and weighing in at 11,875 pounds. It packs 32, 256 Phillips LEDs and 2, 688 Waterford Crystals make up this geodesic sphere. It stands over 100 feet above the top of One Times Square in the heart of the city that never sleeps. But the ball has quite the personality as well, and it is taking its next big jump; the Times Square Ball is now on Snapchat.

9 days ago, the Times Square Ball simply was just chilling on top of One Times Square, but now preparations are fully underway. New Year’s Eve is just three days away and the world is getting ready. On Sunday the ball got 288 new Waterford Crystals installed (click here to get the full story on the installation), they tested the confetti today, and tomorrow the Times Square Ball will go through a test run.

Through the Times Square Ball’s Snapchat account you will be able to get a behind the scenes look at the preparations and during the ball drop. They have done this in years past through their Twitter handle, so Snapchat was the next step and they are ahead of the curve. As while many brands have begun to use the new social medium, not all have jumped on board.

Frankie Greek is the person behind the account and she is a Social Media Strategist and Snapchat Producer. She stated, “The goal is to make it so that the whole world can watch the ball drop together”, the next few days will be quite busy for her. So far the account has taken viewers behind the scenes of the production process and even gave an up close look at the ball. Frankie also noted that they are tracking engagement and views with the account through Delmondo. So far they are off to a pretty good start and I suspect that the number will grow quite big come the 31st. It will be really interesting on New Year’s eve to see what Frankie and the team are planning for the Ball Drop.



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