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Verizon has finally given out some more information on the iPhone SE, which will be arriving on March 21st. We’ve known the full retail price of $399 for a 16GB and $499 for a 64GB model. But, on Verizon they will be offering the device on their device payment plan.

The iPhone SE on Verizon in a 16GB size will be $16.66 a month With 24 monthly device payments and $0 down. This will be competing with Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program. Verizon’s monthly payment plans have become a solid alternative to other plans, and to the other carriers promotions.

As of right now Verizon has not yet announced pricing for the 64GB variant of the iPhone SE, but we should have that information soon. As of right now Verizon will begin taking orders for the iPhone SE at 12:01AM PT on March 24th.



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