Google has finally officially announced that Android applications, along with the Google Play Store, are coming to Chromebooks. While this feature has been rumored for quite some time, the cat is now officially out of the bag. And this is very big news and will make Chromebooks even better. Chromebooks are designed to be simple computers, that simply work and get tasks done very well.

But since the launch of Chromebooks, they have gotten incredibly popular and consumers are looking to do more with them. Schools have fallen in love with Chromebooks, and in Quarter 1 of this year Chromebooks topped Macs in overall shipments. Google has been hearing from customers, that they want to be able to do more and the Google Play Store is the answer.

You will be able to download, install, and use Android application on your Chrome OS device. These applications will run smoothly and will be just as secure in comparison to when they are on an Android device. Applications like Clash of Clans, Skype, Netflix, Minecraft, and many others will know have a native experience on Chrome devices.

Google is starting off the launch of Android applications on Chromebooks with a few devices at first. They will begin rolling out in the developer channel with M53 on the ASUS Chromebook Flip, the Acer Chromebook R 11 and the latest Chromebook Pixel. They have also been working with developers to create new experiences designed to take advantage of Android applications on Chrome.

By mid-June of this year the Acer Chromebook R11, Asus Chromebook Flip, and Google Chromebook Pixel (2015) will get the update. And there are plenty more Chromebooks getting the update later this year, from manufactures like Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, HP, and others. You can see the full list, which will be getting updates as more are announced, by clicking here.


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