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Google has just announced that two new Chromecast’s are coming today. The first is the new Chromecast which is dramatically smaller, has an updated design, and a built-in HDMI cable. The second product is Chromecast Audio which will let you wirelessly stream music to a speaker via an auxiliary input, along with RCA and optical inputs.

The new Chromecast features three WiFi antennas inside and it works to provide you with the best WiFi connection. It finally has 5GHz WiFi as well, which means buffering will be a thing of the past. It comes in three colors, those being lemonade, black, and red.

Google has also updated the entire Chromecast application for iOS and Android, and it now has an API for Fast Play. This will end the issue of buffering, as content providers can choose to pre-load the beginning of an episode. So if you start watching the first episode of Kimmy Schmidt, the Netflix application can choose to pre-load the beginning of the next episode.

The new Chromecast will be launching today for the same $35 and will be available today from the Google Store.

Chromecast Audio is a very simple way to stream music to speakers, and it will let you amplify your entertainment. Like the new Chromecast it has a new circular design, but the Audio variant has little grooves that resemble a record. Chrome cast Audio features 5GHz WiFi as well and it should mean no buffering at all when listening. You can mirror any audio from iOS or Android, as well as send audio from any Chrome Tab. It will also support multi-room synchronization as an over-the-air update later this year.

Chromecast Audio is coming at $35 and will be available today, plus it is launching in 17 countries like the new Chromecast.

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