Top 4 Most Exciting iPhone 7 Features


4. New Colors and Refreshed Design

While some classic colors return with this new installment of the iPhone, Apple has unveiled a sleek new black and jet black. They’ve also removed the antenna lines, further streamlining the design.

3. New Home Button

A more durable and responsive solid-state home button has been implemented in this new design as well. This will be working with the new Taptic Engine to enhance 3D touch capabilities.


2. Water Resistance

Now with IP67 water and dust resistance, the iPhone is more versatile than ever. Now one no longer must worry about using an iPhone in the rain.

1. New Camera

iPhones have always been highly regarded for their cameras, and this new model will be no exception. With a larger ƒ/1.8 aperture and 6-element lens enable brighter, this 12-megapixel camera not only offers a wider range of colors but, with the 7 plus, a second lens which allows for enhanced zoom capabilities and a better depth of field.