Meet the Team

Jacob Krol

Editor in Chief

Jacob Krol is the founder, CEO, and Editor in Chief of NJTechReviews. He created the site in 2010 and most recently gave it a big redesign in 2016. Jacob is a senior at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. He has a big love for all things tech, he’s a huge Springsteen fan, and he is also a native New Jerseyan.

Ellen McAlpine

Executive Editor

Ellen McAlpine is an executive editor for Entertainment on NJTechReviews. She is a senior at Muhlenberg College pursuing a double major in Theatre and Film Studies. In her free time you can find her scrolling through Netflix or running through the park. Her favorite shows are currently Scandal, The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Stranger Things.

Katie Mitchell


Katie Mitchell has been working in media since graduating from Muhlenberg College in 2016. She earned her degree in media and communication studies, and also concentrated in theater. Upon graduation, Katie was accepted into the NBCUniversal Page Program where she gained first hand experience at NBC News, USA and SYFY, and worked in audience services for the late night programs. Upon completion of the Page Program, Katie went on to hold a researcher position at TODAY Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda. Additionally, she has interned at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and at Saturday Night Live. Katie is currently a freelance host and actress. She loves connecting with people and sharing their stories! She is so excited to be a part of this wonderful team and hopes to bring you the best industry news through “Out of the Box”!

Max Krol

Editor at Large

Max Krol serves as a Vice President at NJTechReviews, as well as an Editor at Large.

Robert Meyer

Editor at Large

Robert is a Editor at Large for NJTechReviews covering a variety of topics. He is a senior at Muhlenberg College studying Film and is a published author. Rob’s favorite piece of technology is the iPhone SE.

Elizabeth Vlattas

Contributing Editor

Elizabeth is a Contributing Editor for NJTechReviews. She is a senior at Muhlenberg College majoring in Neuroscience. Her favorite piece of tech is her iPhone 5s.

Benjamin Levin

Contributing Editor

Benjamin Levin is an Contributing Editor for Gaming and Science on NJTechReviews. He is a senior at Muhlenberg College studying Neuroscience and French. Bens favorite piece of technology is his custom gaming PC with an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card.

Christian Balodis

Contributing Writer

Christian is a Contributing Writer for NJTechReviews. He is a student at Muhlenberg College, studying Political Science and Enlglish. He is amped up to try For Honor on his PS4.

Gaby Baum

Contributing Writer

Gaby is an Contributing Writer for NJTechReviews. She is a Student at Muhlenberg College pursuing a major in Business. Gaby is a huge technology fan and is excited to try out the latest and greatest in the field.

Emily Morton

Contributing Writer

Emily is a contributing writer for NJTechReviews. She is a junior at Muhlenberg College studying History and has a significant interest in Political Science. Emily has an iPhone 6S in Gold, and her favorite app is Snapchat.

Jason Claman

Contributing Writer

Jason is a Contributing Writer for NJTechReviews. He is a sophomore at Brown University majoring in Economics and Public Policy. His passions include politics, current events, music, and being a food and coffee snob.

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