Playstation3 gamers have been anxiously awaiting for the restoration of the Playstation Network(PSN). This is what had happened. On April 16 to the 17 hackers, hacked their way into the network accessing personal information such as age, name, address, credit card numbers, and more. On April 20th Sony shuts down their servers, cutting off all gamers from playing games watching movies, and chatting with their friends. Gamers such as I, were left at a screen saying “The Playstation Network is Currently Undergoing Maintenance.” For days people had no clue why the network was down and when it would be back up. On April 26, Sony realeased a statement saying that there systems were hacked, and that the hackers had stolen personal information. They also said that they were getting help from the FBI to find out who the hackers are. On May 1, Sony had a press conference in Japan detailing what had happened, and the compensation gamers will receive for their loyalty and patience. This includes 1 month free Playstation plus subscription, a free game, and a 1 month extension to your Playstation plus and Qurocity membership. Playstation plus is a program that allows members to download free content that wouldn’t normally be free, discounts, 60 minute game trials, avatars, demos, and early beta access. There is no details on the game that will be free at the moment. On May 4, Sony released a statement to Congress saying that Sony found a file in their system saying “Anonymous we are legion” which is the hacker organizations saying. The hacker group Anonymous has said that they were not a part of the attack, even though they hacked PSN on the 13 of April. Also the group said that they do not go after credit card information, and that they are against big companies. Since then Sony has said that they are in the final stages of rebuilding the network. They have also announced an program allowing PSN users to have an identity protection. To this day Sony has not put back up the network and has said that they will not turn back on the network until it is completely safe. Rumors have been flying around the internet some saying that Sony is adding a cross-game party chat feature similar to Xbox Live. The only thing anybody cares about is when the network will be back up.



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