Our friends over at Lenovo have sent us over a Edge E420’S for us to review. Our first thoughts were “wow” , this is one packed laptop. It has a 14-inch screen and weighs 4.1 pounds. The keyboard has been redesigned and has a nice new sleek finish. Overall our first impression were that this is going to be one great laptop. There will be a photo gallery at the end. For now lets being with the full review on the Lenovo Edge E420’S.


Look Of The Laptop

The outside of the laptop is beautiful on the front is starts off with a clean black slate. In the bottom left hand corner of the laptop is says “Lenovo” in silver. On the bottom right hand corner of the laptop it says “ThinkPad”. One really cool feature is that the “dot” on top of the “i” in the “ThinkPad”, is a red light. It tells you when the computer is on. I think this an awesome feature to let you know if the computer is on or not. This adds to a great look of the laptop. Once you open up the laptop you see the gorgeous keyboard. This is a newly designed keyboard and it is a beauty. It is more comfortable to use than the past keyboards in there laptops. You have the dot in the middle of the keyboard so you can use that as the mouse, or the track-pad below the keyboard. They are both nice to use, how ever i personally like the track-pad more as it gives you more control over the computer. For extra security it has a finger-print scanner as many of the other past generations of the laptop have had. It is a nice feature for extra security, It is also completely black so it blends right in to the body of the computer. This is a nice new feature that was added to it. The trim around the computer is a nice silver line. Overall the body of the computer is great, it is a very welcoming design that will drag you in to check out this laptop.



This laptop is not your basic laptop, it has many great features. It has an Intel Core i5 Processor. It comes with 4GB of ram, this makes it even faster. It has a 300GB hard drive this will give you plenty of space to store all of your files. It has a 14inch display, it gives you enough room to run and view all of your favorite programs and files. It has a built in web cam, this is Great for video chatting or for just taking photos. One great feature is found on the keyboard, it has your brightness, sound, camera/photo, WiFi, Music Controls, and many more keys built right into the top of the keyboard. This makes it great for easy access to some of the applications that will come in most handy to you. It also has a “multi burner DVD/CD drive”. This means it can both read and write CDs/DVDs. It also has some great built in plugs for you to use. These include 2 USB plugs, 1 HDMI plug, 1 Headphone Jack, 1 Power Plug, Memory Card Reader, VGA plug, SATA E slot, and Ethernet. These all come in very handy for using the laptop. It also has the built in finger print scanner security tool, so instead of using a password to log on you would just swipe your finger. All of these features combined together make for a great experience with this laptop.


Battery Life

The Lenovo E420s has a estimated battery life of 7 hours. It does last this long, sometimes longer. Since they are being marketed to business professionals a long battery life is a key part of the equation. Lenovo has accomplish just that with Edge E420S. They last a stunning 7 hours, and sometimes even longer. It all depends on what you are mainly using it for, such as word processing, email, or even multimedia. Either way you go the Edge E420S from Lenovo is the right way if you are looking for great battery life.



Like the past Lenovo laptops, the Edge E420S come pre-loaded with all of Lenovo’s applications. That includes the photo/video app & there Fingerprint scanner app. Some of the Lenovo apps require you to download them off the web, this is nice so if you don’t want it you just don’t download it. How ever there a really no other pre-installed software found on the Laptop, this is nice because normally when you buy a new computer it is load with a bunch of stuff you don’t need. Lenovo also has a built in “Getting Started” type guide which will help you get used to the laptop. Our copy had Windows 7 Professional on it, it is a very nice OS(Operating System) as many of you know. Overall the software on this Laptop is top of the line!


Bottom Line

The Lenovo Edge E420S is a great laptop; It is one power house laptop. It has the security a laptop needs, the built in fingerprint scanner adds another level of security to it. For a business this could there main computer, it has a large hard-drive, a good amount of ram, and the security a business needs. This laptop is great and the best part is that it starts at only $699, this is a great deal for one powerhouse laptop. You Buy The Lenovo Edge E420s Here. We would like to thank Lenovo for providing us with a copy of the Edge E420s, to review.



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