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With the number of cellphones in use these days, the effects of cellphone radiation on the human body are major concerns. However, they are also controversial. Many studies have been done, but some contradict each other. Recently, the World Health Organization placed cell phone radiation as  a carcinogenic hazard, but they were quick to add that no risks have been conclusively proved about the use of cellphones. A study did show a slightly higher risk to a form of cancer called  glioma. All the study did was show that a slightly (not high enough to actually say anything) higher percentage of cellphone users have  glioma than non cell phone users. It was not conclusive (and merely correlation, not causation) and other factors could have been at play. Other than this study, other studies have generally concluded that cell phones pose no risk. This is probably because cell phone radiation is non ionizing and relatively low energy. This means the radiation doesn’t affect human tissue as much. While there will still be health concerns about cell phone usage, that cellphone in your pocket is mostly likely pretty safe. 


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