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Well, Lenovo has had a great year so far from Ultrabooks to tablets, and now the worlds smallest fully functional computer. And that is the IdeaCentre Q180! It has all of the features of a big bulky computer but, with a very small design. It can turn your TV into a media hub. This can be done by just hooking it up to the back of the TV. They even make a mount, so you can put it on the back of the TV. Now included with the IdeaCentre Q180 is just the computer. It begins at $369.99 but, you can customize it too your liking. If you get the optional DVD Player, it does support Blu-Ray and 3D Playback Support. You can also customize to make it the fastest it can be. It does work with a regular monitor as well, and for only $369.99 at a minimum it is not that bad of a deal. It will be shipping in December and will likely be a very popular product. You can see the announcement video from Lenovo of the IdeaCentre Q180 below. I cannot wait to get my hands-on it and test it out! Be sure to let us know what you think!



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