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Like the YOGA Mouse, Lenovo has a few smaller products they are launching at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. This one is the LINK 32GB dongle, which will let you control your phone on a computer. Essentially it will mirror your Android smartphone to you Windows PC, allowing you to control your smartphone from your PC.

This certainly is a unique one and will let you put your smartphone screen in a picture-to-picutre format in your PC screen. You can even use your trackpad or mouse along with your keyboard to control your smartphone. In terms of use cases you will easily be able to send files from your computer to your smartphone. It will also let you clean up your desk space by having your smartphone inside your computer.

Another bonus here is that the LINK 32GB contains 32GB of internal storage, so it can double as a flash drive as well. In terms of requirements your Android smartphone has to be running 5.0 and above, but your Windows computer has to be running 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. You will need to install the Lenovo LINK 32GB application from the Google Play Store on to your smartphone.

Lenovo’s LINK 32GB dongle will be landing in March of 2016 for $39.99.

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