Panasonic recently  invited us to NYC to check out there lineup for 2012 Home Entertainment Systems. This gave us an opportunity to see the devices up close and personal. The great thing about these events is that you really get to see the entire collection and talk to the guys behind the scene making this stuff happen. Panasonic has been really busy with there consumer grade products. You can definitely outfit your digs with there stuff and impress your friends with all the cool features available on there systems. On a later post we will cover the devices like there Viera Televisions, there Smart 3D Blu-Ray Players, sound docks, and headphones. The new trend about these new devices is that they  are networked and can be controlled by your smart phones. Not only are they developing hardware they are also committed to software to create an essential ecosystem around there products. What we did see looks good, look out for the full rundown when we dig into the specific categories.


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