Today, Belkin has announced that the WeMo family will be getting bigger. This is in response to the great success of the brands launch in 2012. If you are not familiar with WeMo it is a way to have a connected home. Belkin describes it as “WeMo brand of simple, ingenious home control products”. They have announced Android compatibility and the WeMo light switch! They are expanding the ecosystem for which operating systems that you can use, Android users should be very happy! The WeMo Light Switch will replace your current light switch and gets connected to your existing wires in your home. Once you have set it up, you will be able to turn them on or off, set a schedule, and much more! The best part is that you can control this through your smartphone or tablet. It is controlled through the same WeMo application, this is the one-stop-shop to control your WeMo devices. You can download the WeMo App for free from the application store on your device. Belkin has also said that they will continue to grow the WeMo family even more in 2013 as well. This expansion will include support for Android devices. In February they will be having an open beta with Samsung Galaxy S III and other leading devices users to test it out. The official launch of the WeMo Switch, WeMo Motion and WeMo Light Switch will happen in Summer 2013! Android capability will happen directly on launch or shortly after it! Be sure to say with NJTechReviews for any updates the new Belkin WeMo Family! For more information check out the gallery, press release, and product video below! Stay Tuned To NJTechReviews For Round The Clock Coverage Of The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show!


Press Release

Belkin Expands WeMo Family with New Product and Platform Updates at the 2013 International CES

WeMo Light Switch and Android Availability to Launch in 2013

2013 International CES

LAS VEGAS–()–Building on the success of its WeMo launch in 2012, Belkin today announced two new developments to the WeMo brand of simple, ingenious home control products, the WeMo Light Switch and Android compatibility. The WeMo Light Switch, an Internet connected light switch to remotely control wired household lighting from anywhere, will debut at CES Unveiled on January 6 at the Mandalay Bay and will be on display at the 2013 International CES at Belkin’s booth, South Hall #30651, from January 8-11.

“Android compatibility and the ability to control full household lighting – beyond just lamps – have been the top two requests from WeMo fans since we first launched, so we are excited to announce both at the 2013 CES,” said Jamie Elgie, senior director of product management at Belkin. “Both are a natural extension of the WeMo line and help expand on our promise of delivering the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can control and monitor your home from wherever you are, whenever you want.”

The WeMo Light Switch replaces an existing light switch and connects into your home’s existing electrical wiring. Once in place, you can turn a full bank of lights on and off from anywhere, put them on a schedule, or use other WeMo or online triggers to control them through a smartphone or tablet. The WeMo Light Switch is controlled via the same free WeMo app as the WeMo Switch and Motion, conveniently keeping track of all of your WeMo-enabled devices from one app.

WeMo Light Switch

  • Controls your homes wired lights from your device
  • Works with any Wi-Fi router
  • Will be compatible with Android 4.0 or higher shortly after launch
  • Operates over Wi-Fi and mobile internet, at home and away
  • Works with the free WeMo app

Aside from growing the WeMo product family in 2013, Belkin also will launch compatibility for Android devices later this year. As the market share for Android continues to grow and more consumers demand it, expanding WeMo capabilities to Android devices is a necessary step for the continued success and evolution of the WeMo brand. In February, Belkin will launch an open Beta test for users of the Samsung Galaxy SIII and other leading devices and follow with an official launch for the WeMo Switch, WeMo Motion and WeMo Light Switch in the summer.


The WeMo Light Switch will be available in summer 2013 and will feature Android compatibility at or shortly after launch. Compatibility with Android 4.0 or higher for current WeMo products including the WeMo Switch and WeMo Motion will launch this summer as well. To sign up for more information or alerts about WeMo, please visit


Product Video


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