Sling TV is back with another announcement, yesterday HBO Now officially launched and Sling is announcing today that they will be adding HBO to its lineup by April 11th, which is this Saturday. This is also before the season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones. HBO will be added to Sling, along with a plethora of updates to the services applications.

For starters, HBO will provide live access to channel as well as HBO Demand which gives you access to all of their TV shows, movies, documentaries, and features. Along with HBO, Sling TV is providing several updates to its applications across multiple platforms. They have been working hard at enhancing the quality of stream, especially during heavy viewing times, and they are implementing upgrades and enhancements to there severs that power the streams. On the Xbox One, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV, Roku Stick, and Roku TV models will be getting a new mini-guide feature. The mini-guide will allow the user to easily find content to watch via genre and subject categories. Lastly, Sling will be adding in parental controls feature that will work across all of the channels and all of the content that they offer.

Sling TV will be adding all of these features and HBO before Saturday April 11th 2015, which is only a few days away.


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