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Google has just joined Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T, as they have announced Project Fi. They are now a wireless carrier with a network and a plan structure. This announcement has been rumored for quite some time, and they launch today through an invitation only process. Project Fi’s network is made up of WiFi, along with LTE from both Sprint and T-Mobile. The first and only device to currently work with Google’s network will be the Nexus 6. Google will have Project Fi SIM cards that have to be used with the device, if you own a Nexus 6 already or if you buy one when sign up, Google will provide a SIM for you.

A main goal with Project Fi is to keep the customer connected, with a backbone of WiFi supporting LTE, Google is doing a pretty good job with this. They have also developed a seamless transition, so if you start a call on WiFi and you exit that WiFi zone, the call will not cut out you will atomically move over to LTE or another WiFi zone without having the call interrupted. When you are connected to the network, the data will atomically be encrypted. Your phone number will also live in the cloud, allowing you to text and make phone calls from your computer or tablet as well as your phone. This will come in handy if you ever lose track of your phone, and need to make a call or send a text.

Like T-Mobile, Google wants to make the plan structure as easy as they can. They will be offering one plan that starts at $20 and comes with 24/7 support. For $20 a month you will be getting talk, text, Wi-Fi tethering, and international coverage in 120+ countries, then you add $10 per GB for cellular data. So 1GB is $10, 2GB is $20, 3GB is $30 and it continues. But the real deal, is that you will only pay for the data you use, you will get credit for the full value of your unused data. So, if you pay for 3GB of data and only use 1.4GB’s, you will get $16 back. This is the real game changer portion, they are making sense with a plan for wireless service.

Currently, Project Fi is invite only and it only works with the Nexus 6, they are calling this stage the early access portion. Google will be sending out invites every week and they hope to get them out as soon as they can. Click Here To Check Out Project Fi And Sign Up For An Invite!


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