TalkBand B2 Trio

Huawei is moving into the wearable market and today, the TalkBand B2 has been cleared for launch in the United States. Huawei is calling the TalkBand B2 a hybrid wearable, as it can track activity and sleep, along with offering hands-free calling. It is also the first device to features Jawbone’s UP Fitness Tracking, but it is not a Jawbone device. The TalkBand B2 is the first device to offer UP features, but not a made by Jawbone device. Huawei design styles are completely shown on the TalkBand B2 as well.

It features a premium looking design, that focuses in on comfort and style, it will come in black, white, and gold colors. The black and white variants are sport versions, and the gold variant comes with a leather band. Inside it has a 6-axis motion sensor that can identify what activity the person is doing, whether it be sleeping, walking, cycling, or running. It will also track the calories using a proprietary Huawei software.

TalkBand B2 Gold_headset

As we stated before, Huawei is patterning with Jawbone, in that you can send your fitness data from the TalkBand B2 to the UP Smart Coach application. There is an also speaker and dual microphone noise suppressor inside the B2, that will allow you to make hands-free Bluetooth phone calls with the wearable. The B2 can also be used as a remote camera trigger and can help to you find your phone.

The Talk Band B2 is going to start at $179 and will be available from BestBuy,, and Fry’s Electronics this week. The price seems a little high, but I am hoping that more features for the device will be announced soon. However, the device does a have a unique design and if you have a Huawei device it may integrate quite nicely with it.



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