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LIFT Session has a new partnership to announce this week, and it is with the W Montreal. For those who don’t know LIFT Session is a unique application for your iPad, that will allow you to get fit wherever you are. It connects you with a certified personal trainer and you will have your sessions virtually. But it provides the same experience, in away that you can get fit wherever you might be.

This week LIFT Session has decided to partner with the W Montreal and it is an interesting one. Guests who are staying at the W Montreal can now receive live online fitness training by top local fitness trainers right from there hotel room. The hotel guest will need an iPad, at least an iPad 2, and they can connect to the internet at the W Montreal. The hotel will also provide a connector so you can hook your iPad up to the television in your hotel room, allowing you to use the application on a larger scale.

The guests will be paired with trainers from the VSQUARE GYM, which is based in Montreal. Alternatively if the guest already uses the LIFT Session platform, they can work with the regular trainer. Sessions will cost money for hotel guests, they will cost CDN $40 for 30 minutes and CDN $70 for one hour.

The W Montreal, which is owned by Starwood Hotels & Resorts, has been big on integrating new technologies. Earlier this year started working with the SPG Keyless innovative, which allows you to use your Apple Watch or Smartphone as a key to unlock and lock your hotel room.

As for the future for LIFT Session’s partnerships, the company wouldn’t confirm that an expansion is coming as of yet. But they did say the luxury hospitality sector is a huge area of opportunity for them and that in the near future they hope to have something to announce, most likely with multiple hospitality brands.

LIFT Session_W Montreal partnership


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