Clip&Talk First Look; set to revolutionize bluetooth headsets


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Featured at Consumer Electronics Week NY 2015, clip&talk is expected to launch a new line of bluetooth headsets unlike anything we’ve seen before. Marketed as a “wearable” and “hearable” re-invention of the bluetooth earpiece, this new product is soon to hit the market.

One of the first questions that comes to mind is; what makes this particular bluetooth headset different from all other competitors? After reviewing and receiving a demo of clip&talk at CE Week, we learned some interesting information about the design, technology, and purpose of clip&talk. As opposed to the traditional bluetooth headset, which typically must stay powered “on” in order to maintain a connection, clip&talk may remain “off” until you receive a call. Then, the consumer may turn the headset on, establishing a nearly instant bluetooth connection, and begin talking with the headset in his/her ear. In addition, there have been many grievances from bluetooth headset users about losing their headset due to the size and inability to safely and efficiently store the item in an accessible location. Clip&talk is ready to solve such an issue with the feature of the “clip,” allowing the consumer to clip the headset on a shirt, belt loop, lanyard, or handbag for easy access.

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Lastly, the largest difference between clip&talk and competitors is the health aspect of selected versions of the device. Within the headset is optical sensor technology allowing for the user to be updated on health alerts. In addition to clip&talk, there will be an accompanying app called “clip&talk HEALTH,” which will allow the user to monitor his/her health and wellness goals and be alerted if something needs to be addressed. Some of the health aspects that will be monitored include heart rate, calories, steps, distance, and energy expenditure.

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Available in a variety of colors and designs, the clip&talk will be available for purchase in the Fall of 2015 starting at around $40 and higher depending on design and features.

Be sure to stay tuned for a full review of the product!