BRAVEN’s booth at CE Week 2015 was packed with their products, but the one that caught my eye was the new BRV-PRO which is a very unique speaker to say the least. It was announced earlier this year, and started shipping earlier this month, and it starts at $149.99. This speaker was designed for outdoor enthusiasts and for those who want to bring music with them, where ever they might be going.

The BRV-PRO is both a rugged and modular Bluetooth speaker, meaning that it is built tough but can be customized for how you want to use it. BRAVEN has several accessories that are designed to work with BRV-PRO, from an action mount, all the way to a solar panel to power your speaker. These accessories range from $19.99 and go up to $49.99.

BRAVEN’s latest and great speaker contains a 2200mAh battery inside, so it can double as mobile power bank to charge up your devices. It has some nice industrial design that features aluminum and it has an IP67 rating. When playing music, you should get around 15 hours of playback time.



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