Featured at CE Week NY 2015, our friends at Samson have released the new product known as the Meteorite. Categorized as a USB condenser microphone for computer recording, the Meteorite is the perfect solution for a beginner music recorder who is looking for the basic functions of a recording microphone.

Able to sync into computer music applications such as GarageBand, the Meteorite has the capability of recording voice as well as enhancing sound while utilizing apps such as Skype, FaceTime and other voice recognition softwares. This product is very easy to use, equipped with an attached USB cable. All you have to do is plug it in to your computer and start singing.


The design of the Meteorite is also perfect for any music recorder who needs efficiency as well as portability. The Meteorite is small enough to fit inside a small bag, backpack, or guitar case, making it easy for someone who might be interested in recording on the go without the hassle of carrying a large software microphone. The Meteorite also comes with a removable magnetic base to allow for desired positioning while recording while also allowing the user to pick up the microphone and hold it closer to his/her mouth.


Compatible with Mac, PC, or iPad, this microphone is sure to produce the desired purpose. As far as the quality of sound and use, I would label this microphone as a basic tool for music and voice recording, perfect for a beginner. Retailing for $39.99, the Meteorite is definitely a useful and affordable tool for someone who is looking to record music without spending hundreds of dollars on music equipment. If you are interested in more of a professional style recording and have extensive experience at a higher level of producing and recording though, I might suggest checking out a higher grade microphone. Other Samson products can be found at samsontech.com. However, for the average person interested in recording their own music or videos, the Samson Meteorite might be just the right fit.

Check out our unboxing video below!


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