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Verizon Wireless has just announced that they have approved Samsung Pay and that it will be coming soon to their Galaxy Devices. The carrier has just made the announcement via there @VerizonNews account on Twitter.

Samsung Pay will be coming to the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note5, and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ in the future. While we don’t have an exact date for the launch, it will be coming through a software update in the future. At first, Verizon said they were looking into Samsung Pay, in effort to decide if it was right for the carrier. They look at it from an evolution stand point, in terms of customer experience and with security concerns.

It seems that through there evaluation they have decided to approve and it is not that late, considering it officially launched in the United States in late September with not that many retails supporting it or being in favor of it. This is good news for customers have these Samsung devices, as granted it is a big feature on the smartphones.

So with this we can now confirm that Samsung Pay has been approved by Verizon Wireless. We will update you when we find out more information about the forthcoming software update.


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