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Tesla has completed one of it’s main goals, it has created a very affordable electric car. More specifically, Tesla’s Model 3 is finally officially and it will be landing in 2017. Even better it starts at just $35,000 for the base model. This vehicle is part of a progression that has taken 10 years, you can see this art of progression through the Model S and Model X vehicles. These two vehicles set the bar pretty high, considering they both cost well over $100,000; the Model 3 is betting big on being affordable.

The Model 3 is available to be reserved now and the company hopes they will begin to deliver by the end of 2017. The base model which starts at $35,000 will be able to drive 215 miles on one charge and has a 0-60 MPH time of 6 seconds. Like the other Tesla vehicles, the Model 3 will be compatible with their super chargers. Come 2017, Tesla should have over 7,000 Supercharger Stations across the United States.

Inside the vehicle you will find a 15-inch touch panel which is slightly smaller than the 17-inch panel in the Model S and Model X. With that being said, this vehicle is meant to be more affordable, but it still has some great features. Along with a large touch screen panel, you will get Autopilot and advanced safety features in the base model.

The design is unique in that the top front and back pieces, are one solid piece of glass. It gives the Model 3 a really sleek and futuristic design, that looks really nice in red. A nice feature of an electric car is the fact that you get more trunk space, as you have a front and back trunk. This means you will have plenty of storage and theoretically since it can go 215 miles on charge, the Model 3 might become the family road trip vehicle.

As of right now, the first delivery and actual arrival of the Tesla Model 3 are a while away. But, Tesla has opened up pre-orders or rather reservations for the vehicle. You can reserve a Model 3 by placing a $1,000 down payment on the vehicle. The reservation process can be done on Tesla’s website or at one of their retail locations.

The Model 3 is a crucially important vehicle for Tesla and they are betting big on it. After all this vehicle could truly push the auto industry further and it might jut become a standard for future electric cars. The Tesla Model 3 is slated too arrive by the end of 2017 and Elon Musk has said they already have over 100,000 reservations for the vehicle.



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