Verizon is clearly in a jolly good holiday mood, from now until January 6th 2016 they have an amazing deal for their customers. Every time you add a new phone or upgrade a line you will get 2GB of data free for every month for life. The only stipulation here is that you have to be one a XL or XXL plan with Verizon. Other than that, just make sure you visit a Verizon retail location to take advantage of this deal.

2GB of data might seem small but it can do a lot. For instance you can watch teen 30-minute HD TV shows or stream 512 songs. An extra 2GB’s of data does not come cheap but getting it for free is great and as long as that line stays active, you will have it for life!

Let us know if you take advantage of an extra 2GB for life from Verizon this holiday season!


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