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The holiday season is in full effect, and while the weather in New Jersey and much of the East Cost may not be showing it yet, it is here. With that and similar to clock work the NJTechReviews 2015 Holiday Gift Guide is here! The team here has been working around the clock to pick our favorite gifts that will make someones day this year. Keep reading to see our top picks for the holiday season!

For the Star Wars fan…

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 2.19.40 PM

  • The Force Awakens opened up at 7PM last night and officially opens today, December 18th 2015. Just last night reports are coming in that they grossed over $50 million, so the Star Wars gift market is strong.
    • Sphero BB-8 
      • This is hands down the best gift for any Star Wars fan out there, a full working droid that can be your own. In fact you can even set it to a patrol mode and it will guard your home, along with the fact the you can control and have plenty of fun with it.
      • Sphero BB-8 $149.99 from Amazon
    • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
      • Give the gift of Star Wars by getting your family or friend tickets to see Episode 7!

The best phones on the market…


  • “Phones” is an umbrella term and there are new ones coming out almost everyday, the market is filled with a lot of the same. NJTechReviews has looked all the devices we have fully reviewed, along with other ones we have reviews coming soon for.
    • iPhone 6S“Hand’s down the best phone on the market”-Jacob Krol
      • As Jacob Krol, our CEO and Editor in Chief, put it you can’t get better than the iPhone 6s. That is unleash you want a bigger phone and then you can go with the iPhone 6S Plus. It brings with an awesome new Rose Gold color, along with transforming the dimensions of the phone itself. 3D Touch is a ground breaking technology that completely changes how you can use your iPhone, it really is awesome to play around with. Plus, be sure to check out the iPhone Upgrade Program, this will let you get a new iPhone every year. And please get the 64GB version, the 16GB storage just won’t do anymore
    • HTC One A9 – An Android with an iPhone level design
      • HTC held a big launch event at the Barclay’s Center to unveil their new flagship device the One A9 and quite simply it looks like an iPhone. But it is an Android phone, so if you have been trying to find an Android phone that looks really nice, this might be the one for you. It has some pretty new specifications that include a fingerprint sensor, a speedy processor, and a nice user interface.
    • Droid Turbo 2 – For those on Verizon who need a tough phone
      • For those of you who might be chronic phone droppers, the Droid Turbo 2 might be for you. Unfortunately, this device is exclusive to Verizon, so if you are not with them you might just be out of luck. The Turbo 2 features a shatter proof display, it’s real and not made out of glass but a bendable plastic. Motorola and Verizon say that it can withstand being dropped from up to 5 feet, but other tests have shown that it can handle more.

For the photo taker…


  • Bevy – The ultimate photo storage solution
    • Backed by Intel and made by a great team, Bevy is out too change the way we store photos. A simple box with a large amount of storage, that is one our favorite tech gadgets of the year and will most likely continue into next year. It can connect with your phone’s photo library and will automatically back it up. Plus, it has a great user interface that lets you share the entire library or just a few photos with friends and family. I highly recommend checking out a Bevy this holiday season.

 The best games of 2015…

NJTechReviews-Guiater Hero Live-NJTechReviews

  • Guitar Hero Live
    • The class music game is back, yes Guitar Hero Live is the reincarnation of the brand for next generation consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. But, it is also available for your iOS device and the new Apple TV. It has moved away from its old very intense graphically designed interface of the past, and you will be taking to a real stage and staring out into a large festival crowd. But be warned if you don’t perform that well, the crowd will boo you.
  • Disney Infinity 3.0
    • Disney Infinity is a great physical to video game offering. For starters it brings Star Wars into the Disney Infinity world and expands on it quite a bit. In fact you can play along with the new characters and themes from The Force Awakens as they have there own playlet as well.
  • Beat Sports
    • This is my favorite game for the new Apple TV and it just offers a glimpse into what developed can do for the platform. If you have been waiting for a fun game that combines sports and music, than look no further then Beat Sports. At $10 it will give you as much enjoyment as a $59.99 console game and it is very similar to Wii Sports. With the being said this is not a bad thing, but it is a fun thing. It can be a great party game thanks to the fact it is multiplayer as well!
      • Check out Beat Sports on the Apple TV!

The best gifts for the TV and movie lover out there…

  • TV and movies are a big field, and we here at NJTechReviews are bundling streaming players into this category as well. Let’s dive into our top picks.
    • Samsung JU6500 48-inch UHD TV
      • Samsung has the best picture quality out there, it is the one to beat. Whether you grab this JU6500 48-inch UHD TV or a smaller or bigger one, you will have the best experience out there. It is very exciting to think of the future of television in entertainment in general because of the innovation that these companies, especially Samsung, are pushing the field at.
    • Apple TV (4th Generation)
      • Starting at $149.99, the new Apple TV, is the best streaming player on the market. Apple is betting big on applications and streaming as the future of television.

The rest of our top picks…


  • GoPro Hero4 Session 
    • GoPro has the best and most innovative cameras on the market. Now you can get the Hero4 Session at an even better price, get it for just $199.99. The Session is the smallest GoPro yet and has a very unique design. It is waterproof out of the box, with an 8 megapixel lens that can record 1080pHD video.
  • The Ties That Bind: The River Box Set Collection
    • For the Springsteen fan out there, nothing is better than music and a tour announcement. This year we got both, he is the hitting the road in 2016 and while more concerts are sold out, the next best thing is to get the box set. Not only do you get a fully remastered version of The River, but you get a concert video, the original single album, and a bunch of un released outtakes from The River.
      • Grab the The Ties That Bind: The River Box Set Collection for around $100
  • Apple Watch
    • Wearable technology is here and it is constantly getting better. With WatchOS 2 the Apple Watch got even better, with customizable watch faces and full applications running on the device. The Apple Watch is a sick and innovative device, plus you can customize it with many different watch bands
  • Braven BR-Pro Speaker
    • This is one tough speaker from the folks over at Braven. But not only do they know how to make a tough speaker, but it can pump out the jams as well. This would make a great gift for the music love in your life!

Happy Holidays from NJTechReviews!


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