Most of the bacterial stigma in today’s society revolves around doorknobs, kitchen table tops, and bathrooms. However, you’d be surprised to find out that there is more harmful bacteria on your mobile phone than in the toilet itself! Each square inch of your phone contains about 25,000 germs that are consistently coming into contact with your hands and face. Yuck! Below you will find my full thoughts on the Philips antibacterial screen cleaner.


Our friends at Philips have introduced us to a new line of awesome products known as the Philips’ antibacterial screen cleaners, available in a variety of scents including Romantic Rose, Calm Chamomile, Smooth Lavender, and Fresh Mint. These portable cleaners are extremely convenient in size, effectively remove dust, dirt, fingerprints, and 99.9% of bacteria on your mobile phone, and come equipped with a non-abrasive and washable microfiber cloth.


After using the screen cleaners on my own personal devices, I am pleased to report a high rated performance of the product. A few sprays and a wipe down with the microfiber cloth made my phone look like new! I also ventured to clean my tablet and laptop screen, only to be sufficiently pleased once again. The radiating scent from my devices is an added bonus, too! The Romantic Rose and Calm Chamomile both have a gentle and calming herbal scent. The idea of an artificially sweet scent, though, was a bit concerning as I was not looking forward to an artificial “cherry” or “watermelon” scent.  However, Philips has created a line of unique and natural scents that are sure to attract attention to your technological devices.

Currently, each Philips antibacterial screen cleaner is priced at $9.99. For more information on how to purchase these beauties, visit or check out your local retailer! We would like to thank Phillips for providing us with a copy of the”Philips Antibacterial Screen Cleaners”.



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