Worried about little Bobby complaining about sitting in the middle seat between his sisters Suzy and Richie in the back of the minivan? You know that drive to grandma’s house is long, especially when you have the taste of Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing on the brain. Do you want to eliminate the angst in the backseat? Verizon has announced something that is going to make you very happy. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls — introducing: “Thanksgetting”.

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Verizon has turned the day before Thanksgiving into what they like to call “Thanksgetting”. Essentially, consumers are “getting” access to complementary movies, music, e-books, Wifi, and more, sure to minimize the “are we there yet” questions from little Bobby. To top it all off, Verizon customers are “getting” an extra gig of data during the holiday season!

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Worried you can’t cash in on this great deal because you don’t use Verizon as your carrier? Not to worry, my friend. Regardless of whether or not you’re a Verizon customer, if you log on to vzw.com/thanksgetting between now and Wednesday, November 25, you can take advantage of Verizon’s digital gifts.

These digital stocking stuffers include:

  • Movies, TV shows, music, e-books and apps from Amazon
  • A $5 gift certificate to iTunes from Apple
  • A 30-day Pandora One trial for new subscribers
  • A $20 credit toward a ride on Thanksgetting Day (November 25) from Lyft
  • Airport Wi-Fi from Boingo
  • In-flight Wi-Fi from Gogo
  • MyRewards+ points from Verizon Fios

More information on Verizon’s Thanksgiving offer can be found at vzw.com/thanksgetting between now and Wednesday, November 25.

Little Bobby will be jumping for joy.


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